Dilemma and Prospect Analysis of LED Panel Lights

23 Feb.,2021

After full competition, the price of LED panel lights will approach the critical point of large-scale use in the market.


After full competition, the price of an electric scooter will approach the critical point of large-scale use in the market. But if its market popularization work is not in place, the technical bottleneck has not been effectively broken, and the product innovation is not enough, it will greatly affect the replacement of traditional grille lights and downlights with LED panel lights. Faced with the current development of the LED panel light industry, it can effectively promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

LED Panel Lights

LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are a relatively successful product innovation in the LED era, while other LED Downlights and LED bulbs cannot be regarded as creations. The innovation span of LED panel lights is relatively large. So innovation is endless. It’s just that everyone’s ideas have not broken through, and no effort has been made. Moreover, the investment in innovation is relatively large. Everyone is unwilling to do this and always wants to get ready-made results.

LED panel lights are mainly composed of lamp beads, light guide plates, diffusers, housings and drivers. The current technical difficulties are mainly in light guide plates and light distribution. Due to the use of side lighting, the luminous efficiency will be reduced, and there will be uneven light. problem. Whoever can take the lead in solving the problem can occupy the commanding heights of the market.

In addition, there are few companies that specialize in LED panel lights, and there are basically no large-scale manufacturers in production, so there is no scale. Unlike bulb lights, there are many professional manufacturers. And now there are not many companies that provide OEMs, and many brand companies do not make LED panel lights.

The competition of LED panel lights this year will not be reflected in the price, especially the positive-emitting panel lights. At present, companies are still trying to make styles, such as segmentation, atmosphere, and stepless dimming. The reason why the Bulb Lamp will fight for the price is because its shape cannot be changed, and the function cannot be increased, but there is still room for innovation in LED panel lights.

Nowadays, with the outbreak of the LED panel light market, many companies have invested in this field. Everyone is making the same product, it depends on who is ahead of the market. If it truly achieves high quality, low price and quality assurance, the company will definitely be able to come to the fore and stand out. Therefore, it is very important to increase product innovation and improve product cost performance.