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19 Feb.,2021

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Solar energy technology will become one of the green energy technologies in the future. Solar energy or photovoltaic (PV) is becoming widely used in China. In addition to the rapid development of government-supported photovoltaic power plants, private investors are also actively building plants and plan to put them into production and sell them globally. 

BV Cable

BV Cable

Many countries are still in the learning stage. There is no doubt that in order to obtain the best profits, companies in the industry need to learn from those countries and companies that have years of experience in solar energy applications.

The construction of cost-effective and profitable photovoltaic power plants represents the most important goal and core competitiveness of all solar manufacturers. In fact, profitability depends not only on the efficiency or high performance of the solar module itself, but also on a series of components that seem to be not directly related to the module. But all these components (such as cables, connectors, junction boxes) should be selected according to the long-term investment objectives of the tenderee. The high quality of the selected components can prevent the solar system from becoming unprofitable due to high repair and maintenance costs.

For example, people usually do not regard the wiring system connecting photovoltaic modules and inverters as key components.

However, failure to use special cables for solar applications will affect the service life of the entire system.

In fact, solar systems are often used under harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation. In Europe, sunny days will cause the field temperature of the solar system to reach 100°C. So far, we can use various materials including PVC, rubber, TPE and high-quality cross-linking materials, but unfortunately, rubber cables with a rated temperature of 90°C, and even PVC cables with a rated temperature of 70°C It is also often used outdoors, obviously, this will greatly affect the service life of the system.

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