How to reduce the wear of slurry pump?

31 Mar.,2021

1.The design method should conform to the relevant theories 2.Improve the structure 3.Do well daily maintenance work.


1. The design method should conform to the relevant theories

Since the pump conveys the solid-liquid mixture, the characteristics of the solid-liquid mixture should be considered in the hydraulic design, and the two-phase flow theory should be used for the design. At the same time, new scientific research and theories should be referred to to make the shape of the wetting part more similar to the movement trajectory of the slurry, so as to reduce the impact and friction of solid particles on slurry pump.


2. Improve the structure

Adopt reasonable parameters , design the structure. The selection of the blade inlet diameter D has a great influence on the wear ability and efficiency.


3. Do well daily maintenance work.

Keep the equipment clean, dry, oil-free, and no leakage. 

Check whether the pump's running sound is normal, whether there is vibration or leakage, etc., and if any problems are found, please deal with in time.