Oil Consumption On 198386 Toyota 2.0L 2SFE Engines « -

27 Apr.,2023


When I was asked the question about oil consumption the other day concerning these engines, I remembered a piece of information I received concerning this issue with Toyota engines.

It has been reported that oil consumption on 1983-86 Toyota 2.0L 2SFE Camry engines can be excessive under certain conditions. This complaint may be made either before and after a valve job or a complete engine rebuild. The cause of this condition may be from ineffective valve stem seals or piston rings.

Toyota has reduced the amount of oil ring end rail gap clearance to almost 1/2 of the prior specification. The new specification is posted as .006-.016 (.15-.40 mm). The piston ring set for the engine was also modified to accommodate the new specification. It is available under Part #13011-74021 for a standard size bore.

The valve guide seals were also modified to improve sealing abilities. They are available with Part #90913-02075 for both intake and exhaust valves. Oil may be seeping around the valve stem seals, either entering the combustion process or the hot exhaust.

Another possible area to consider, which is also the most common source of oil consumption, is the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system. This system takes crankcase vapors and distributes those vapors into the induction system. Excessive amounts of engine oil in the valve cover area will allow additional oily vapors to enter into the intake manifold. Those vapors are then burned through the combustion process. Also, a restricted vacuum line or an unsealed crankcase will render the PCV system ineffective.

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