Electric Heat Tracing of Very Long Pipelines

27 Apr.,2023


In the years to follow, those distances have steadily increased to the point where the current* longest electrically heated pipeline is approximately 670km in length. At that time (2010), this pipeline utilised Skin Effect heating and the approximate maximum circuit lengths were in the region of 18km. * - at time of writing 2016.

In the present day, the lengths of pipelines being discussed and currently in FEED stage by Oil owners and interested parties, is in the region of 2000km. As you can see, the need to reach farther from a single power point has become very important.

Heat Trace Ltd. has been active in Longline heating cables since 1985. Heat Trace designed and supervised the very first pre-insulated pipe that was installed in New Zealand. This line used Series Resistance heating cables and it was the very first in the world utilising pre-insulated pipe with a channel incorporated to allow installation of our heating cable.

There are various types of heating technologies available which we will discuss and show you the potential benefits and downfalls of each technology

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