Industrial Ducting

19 Oct.,2022


FRP Duct

Ducting serves as a transport system for heated and cooled air as well as the removal of dust and debris. Industrial ducting can also serve as a valuable exhaust resource for key machinery.

Industrial ducting is vital to your facility because it often needs to stand up to the demands of heavy-duty air flow. Faulty ducting can not only cause equipment damage, it can also be a source of significant energy loss in regards to your plant HVAC system.

Tips for Choosing Industrial Ducting Products

  • Ducting specifics begin with the material used for construction. Depending on your application needs, the most common types of industrial duct construction ranges either from galvanized steel, stainless steel, or carbon steel.
  • Another major part of industrial ducting is determining the diameter or opening size needed.
  • Your air flow requirements will dictate how large of an opening the industrial


    must accommodate.
  • A final consideration for industrial ducting is fittings, flanges, and other joining methods. Sometimes, the ducting in a facility must navigate through complicated openings which necessitates the use of specialty joining applications.

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