What is a Tool Trolley? (with pictures)

17 Nov.,2022


Tool Trolley

A tool trolley is a cart-like device that helps categorize, carry, and safeguard various tools. Tool trolleys are particularly useful for professional craftsmen, such as builders, carpenters, and machinists, who have a large amount of equipment to organize and tote around. Tool trolleys can also be used by hobbyists. For example, someone who enjoys woodworking may use a trolley to help store and arrange his or her tools. A tool trolley may also be referred to as a tool cart.

In essence, a tool trolley is a larger version of a tool case, tool chest, or tool box. Tool cases, chests, and boxes usually have a box shape with a base and a hinged cover. Generally, they also have a handle on top as well as latches that attach the cover to the base. Typically, they can be carried by hand from one location to another.

Tool trolleys, on the other hand, are generally larger in size. On average, they are about the size of a small desk. They are usually waist-high and have wheels on the bottom that allow them to be rolled from one area to another. Historically, tool trolleys were made from wood. In modern times, however, a tool trolley is typically made from either metal or plastic.

Many tool trolleys function as portable tool shelving and work stations, allowing craftsmen to easily access a large variety of different tools. Most trolleys have a series of drawers designed to provide owners with an easy method for sorting tools. A tool trolley may also contain a cabinet or two that allows for storage of larger items, such as buckets, paint cans, or power-operated carpentry equipment. A few tool trolleys are even power-operated.

Some craftsmen use tool belts or aprons in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, a tool trolley or tool box. These devices can be tied around the waist and allow for easy portability, although they can only hold a limited amount of tools. A bucket organizer is another tool storage device. Made from a fabric bag draped inside a bucket, these gadgets work like a small toolbox. They generally have a dozen or more pockets in which tools can be placed for easy access and viewing.

Tool sets can be a substitute for a tool trolley. They are lightweight and normally come in plastic cases. The tools usually snap into a particular area of the case, making them easy to organize. Generally, they hold only a few tools. As a result, professional craftsmen usually also need a tool trolley or tool box when working on a large project.