How to Open a Skylight?

23 Aug.,2022


Window Opening Pole

May. 30, 2022

Things You Will Need

Skylight opening pole

Step stool

Step ladder


Not all skylights open--some are intended to let light in but not air. Other styles of skylight may have a small drop-down ventilation panel or screen that provides ventilation without opening the skylight. Many skylights, however, are designed to open. Some skylights will have a pole, chain or crank set at a low level so that they can be manually opened without having to climb on to a ladder or step stool.




1. Stand on a stable surface, like a step stool or a small ladder, to reach the skylight if necessary.


2. Locate the latch on your skylight. This is usually be a small lever that you flip to unlock the skylight. If there's no latch, your skylight won't lock shut, so you don't need to worry about unlocking it.


3. Press gently up on the skylight. If it doesn't move, it might be locked.


4. Flip the latch lever to unlock the skylight.


5. Press up on the skylight again. It should open upwards. If it doesn't, check to make sure that the latch is flipped all the way to the open position.


6. Latch the skylight open. Some skylights have a latch that will engage automatically, while others may have a small pole, not unlike the support for holding the hood of your car open, that you must slide into place.


 Skylight Opening Pole


Can Velux Windows Be Fitted Into An Existing Roof Or Extension?

Velux windows can be fitted into an existing external roof to replace an existing roof window. There are many benefits to having Velux windows fitted and these include; improved energy and thermal efficiency, insulation, ventilation, noise reduction, and they can also be automated so at a touch of a button they can be opened or closed, with sensors so they automatically close if it starts to rain as well as being solar powered. The windows get the power they need from the sun which allows you to open and close them automatically or with a remote control.


Where Would You Have A Velux Window?

You can have a Velux window or roof light fitted in any room or space which has an external flat or sloping roof. They are perfect in extensions, solid tiled conservatory roofs, roof extensions, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, living rooms, dining rooms and snugs, the list is endless and they will double the natural light that enters a room by fifty per cent.


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Is A Velux Window Self-Cleaning?

The Velux window chemical coating reacts to UV which breaks down dirt on the window, making it easier to maintain and keep your window clean. It has an easy clean coating so you can clean the glass with water and no additional cleaning solutions. Velux roof windows completely rotate, allowing you to clean the outside glass easily and safely from inside.


Can You Open Velux Windows In The Rain?

You can use the skylight opening rod to open the Velux roof window section, and this allows the fresh air to enter even if it’s raining. You can also have the window closed and the vents open and again this allows the air from outside to circulate inside making your room feel fresh and airy.

 Telescopic Skylight Opener


About Window Opening Pole

1. 2-sections 2 meters extension pole with spring button lock, it's a heavy duty telescoping handle, Unfolded size is 1.2 meters.


2. The material of the window opener hook is nylon, which can ensure strength and toughness.


3. The skylight opening hook contains a comfortable non-slip sponge handle, which is vey light and convenient to operate. Using it you only need to stand on the ground to open the skylight of the roof,which is very convenient and safe.


4. The window opener with an extension pole is suitable for all kinds of skylights,such as Velux roof skylight, oblique, office building sun windows,etc.


5. We can provide customization and hook development services.


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