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15 Nov.,2022


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If you want to know how to wear a bracelet, you need to understand that it’s not a matter of placing it a certain way. Wearing a bracelet properly means you need to learn everything from selecting the right bracelet to wear at the right time to how to carry yourself with a bracelet.

That’s why we are going to discuss multiple aspects of wearing and caring for your bracelets. If you want to know how to wear a bracelet the right way, read it till the end.


  1. Different bracelets for different occasions

To be able to wear a bracelet the right way, you need to pick the right bracelet for the right occasion.  Imagine wearing a tennis bracelet while going swimming or wearing a sparkling and chunky bracelet to a board meeting.  Neither it will make any sense, nor will it go with your looks and style.

You have to be careful about choosing a bracelet to wear according to the occasion; it has to compliment your style.

If you are going to your office, try wearing something slim and stylish like a tennis bracelet or a minimalistic pearl bracelet. Wearing a sports bracelet while going to a sports or charitable event would make more sense than wearing a bold designer bracelet.

In the same way, you can wear multi-strand bracelets while going to a birthday party or on a dinner with friends. You get the idea, right?

Look what the occasion is and choose the bracelet like you chose different dresses for different events.


  1. What wrist to wear bracelet?

It’s probably one of the most asked questions by both men and women about the bracelets and watches. And the answer is that there is no right answer to this question. Everyone can wear bracelets on different wrist based on different opinions.

Let me show you why people wear bracelets on different wrists and you can choose a way which resonate with you the most.



Some people prefer to wear bracelet on their dominant hand because they want their bracelet to get noticed whenever they shake hands with them.

Some of them wear the bracelet on their non-dominant hand because if they wear it on the dominant hand, it will get in the way while doing some activities like writing or eating. If the bracelet is heavy, it might cause pain on your wrist.

Some people believe that because men wear the watches and bracelets on their left hand so women have to wear it on the right hand.

Bottom line is there is no right or wrong way while choosing what wrist to wear bracelet. You can choose it based on your preference, period.


  1. Where your bracelet should be placed on your wrist?

It’s one of the most common question people ask me that where should a bracelet be placed on my wrist?

Although, it may depend on the style and size of your bracelet but generally it should be placed before your wrist bone; not over it, not after it. If you wear a bracelet on or after the wrist bone, it will restrict your wrist movement and may cause pain with a slight backward movement.


To place it perfectly that way, you are going to need its size to be accurate. If any of your bracelets is too big for your wrist or your wrists are small and you can’t find a perfect fit, you need to know how to wear bracelets on small wrists.

However, some of the bracelets like sports bracelets, bangle bracelets or elastic beaded bracelets that usually don’t come in great fitting can be worn right after the wrist bone.

  1. How Should a Bracelet Fit?

With all the mass produced jewelry out there, most of jewelry is one size fits all. But, if you want to wear a bracelet properly you should keep it’s fitting in mind while buying a bracelet. The ideal fit would be a bracelet that’s neither too tight to impede blood flow or cause pain, nor it is too loose that keeps sliding up and down your wrists.

In a great fitting bracelet you should be able to slide a finger between bracelet and your skin. You need to measure your wrist size accurately to know about your size. Keep it in mind while ordering a bracelet online and you will be able to find a bracelet which fits your size.

However, if your wrist size is too small and it’s difficult for you to find the right size, have a look at bracelets designs for small wrists.


  1. How to wear bracelet with watch?


Bracelets are great to stack up with watches to show off your personality. When it comes to wearing bracelet with a watch, most of the people get confused about either to wear it above or below their watch.

If your bracelet has a slim and sleek design and you don’t want your watch to steal all the attention, wear it below the watch. However, a thicker bracelet can be worn above watch and both of them will get equal attention.

If you are wearing a metallic bracelet with your watch, both of them will rub against each other resulting in scratches on both the accessories. If one or both of them are expensive, you don’t want to wear them on the same wrist. In such cases, wear the metal one on the other hand and if you still want to pair up your watch with a bracelet, go for leather or beaded bracelet that won’t do any damage to your expensive watch.


  1. Which hand to wear bracelet for good luck?

People who wear crystal bracelet and good luck charms often ask this question, whether to wear bracelet on right or left hand for good luck. The left side of your body is associated with internal self, healing and absorbing energy. So if you want absorb positive energy and attract good luck, you should wear it on your left hand.

On the other hand, right side of the body is associated with sending or repelling. If you want to avoid wrong vibes and bad luck, you need to wear your bracelet on your right hand.

However, you need to carefully select the crystals you are wearing on either hands. Wear something on the left which has absorptive properties, while on the right side wear crystals of the repelling nature.


  1. How to wear bracelets with small wrists?

I know how it feels when you wear a bracelet on small wrists and it would keep sliding up and down your forearm. Keeping it on your wrist is a real struggle. That’s why if you have small wrists you need to have an exact size of your wrists when you are going to a jeweler to buy bracelet or shopping online. If you know what you want, you are more likely to find something your size.

However, if you are unable to find the right size, you can choose a bracelet that can be adjusted or modified to fit your wrists. Some examples of such bracelets would be link bracelets, stretch bracelets, adjustable bracelets, and homemade bracelets.

Are you still unsure about how you can wear bracelet on tiny wrists, have a peek at our guides for wearing bracelets on small wrists  and 6 Bracelet Design Ideas for small Wrists.


  1. Can you wear a bracelet to bed?

Well, that depends on your level or comfort with the bracelet and the type of bracelet itself. For instance, I personally like sleeping while I am 100% comfortable. I can’t even wear jeans while I am going to sleep, let alone any accessories like watches and bracelets.

So, if you are comfortable sleeping with a bracelet on, you definitely can. If a bracelet is too tight, it might impede your blood flow so you shouldn’t wear it while sleeping. But, if it’s something like a comfortable beaded bracelet, you don’t have to worry about it.

  1. Can i wear a bracelet in the shower?

There are some of the bracelets like leather bracelets that you should never wear while showering or swimming. Water will ruin your bracelet by making it shrink and its shine will fade.

Some people say that you can wear a precious metal bracelet like gold, silver and platinum to shower and water won’t harm it. However, the materiel will start losing its shine by coming in contact with water. Soap or body wash may also form a thin film around the bracelet and you will have to go to a jeweler more frequently for cleaning and re-polishing.

There are some bracelets you can wear in shower or pool like fabric friendship bracelets, stretch bracelets, beaded bracelets and crystal bracelets.


  1. How to wear multiple bracelets?

Wearing multiple bracelets is known as stacking. People use stacking to show off a certain aspect their personality be it bold, sparkling or decent. There is not a right or wrong way to wear multiple bracelets.

Some people say that you should only wear 2 to 3 bracelets in a single hand but there are people who like to wear more than that. So, it’s a matter of your own style and personality.

Mix and match your bracelets with each other and your attire as well to see which combination or contrast make the most sense according to your style. Don’t shy away from trying different styles from your jewelry box, let your creativity run wild and see where it goes.