Babies Deserve To Be Pampered Too

20 Apr.,2023


Welcoming your little one to the world is full of deep joys, new discoveries, and decisions on how to best care for and nurture this new life.

While big-name baby brands pull on parents’ heartstrings through marketing and media, their products are often lacking the purity and healing properties that delicate bodies are in need of. With skin so soft and sensitive, even the “mildest” formula may not be the most beneficial.

Labels stating all-natural, safe, tear free, etc. can sometimes be misleading. So as always, it’s essential to look at the list of ingredients that will inevitably be absorbed by your baby and choose the most natural Baby Products available.

Unfortunately, several conventional baby products have been discovered to include unsafe chemicals, carcinogens, allergens, irritants and other toxic ingredients. Knowing how harmful these are to our own personal health as adults, it’s crazy to comprehend that companies would allow these products to be made — specifically for the most delicate of skin.

According to a 2007 study done by the The Environmental Working Group (EWG), children are exposed to about 27 chemical ingredients on a daily basis that have never been assessed for safety. The study also determined that 80% of children’s products labeled as gentle and non-irritating contain ingredients linked to skin or eye irritations and allergies.

This is not acceptable. And especially after becoming a mom, I was motivated to do something about it, at least in my own small way.

Out of love for my sweet baby girl and a new understanding of the importance of giving babies the best possible foundation for happy skin + overall health, Primally Pure Baby was born.

Each of our baby products (powder, oil, soap, balm) was designed to pamper your babe in every way possible. We spared no expense and cut zero corners (always using squeaky clean organic ingredients, glass containers, and costly but exceedingly effective ingredients like emu oil) in creating this line.

The first few years of being a parent are filled with enough stresses/sacrifices (endless diaper changes, sleep interruptions, teething woes, etc.) that tending to baby’s hygiene + skin health doesn’t have to be one of them. Instead, it should be fun, simple, and worry-free.

We’re so proud of these products, and hope you love them as much as we do! Just for fun, here are some photos from a recent shoot we did with my dear friend, Emily. (Sidenote — rounding up + organizing a shoot with 6 babies ages 18 months and under was no walk in the park, but the results were crazy cute.)