Do These Matches Look Good?

18 May.,2021

‚ÄčAs a Non Woven Polyester Fabric Manufacturer, share with you.


As a follow AIKE ELECTRONICS, share with you.

Very trendy and fashionable outfits, mainly white. It is the most fashionable element~ Picture 1 White cropped trousers + striped top + yellow single shoes are dazzling! If you want to show more temperament, you can match it with a small silk scarf.

Wear a set of more neutral colors. Unconventional rectangular style denim jacket, + black slim trousers + shirt + black shoes.

The dark blue + maroon trousers are also honey and harmonious, but with black shoes, it is less feminine and more handsome. Those who want to try a neutral style can give it a try.

TC Heringbone Fabric

TC Heringbone Fabric

In comparison, this group wears more LADY, and they are all knee-length short. If you want to look feminine and feminine, the skirt length to the knee is the most suitable, very quiet and temperamental, and it is neat and tidy. White shirt + knee-length coat, it is very ladylike. Or pair with pink sweaters, cute girls, + pink blue scarves!

A set of very academic styles are all conservative and relatively restrained colors. The length of the skirt is relatively moderate.

A very pure and energetic group of wear, all are bright colors, bright pink, with black tights + turquoise high heels!

A set of literary and artistic outfits. Dark gray A-line skirt + fifty shades of gray long coat, with a light literary temperament, striped knit + straight black skirt. Knee-length pleated skirt + olive deep V knit jacket.

A set of casual collocations. Brown knee-length skirt + khaki knitwear, very suitable for the autumn harvest season. With blue sneakers.

Royal blue dress + denim jacket. Pleated long skirt + brown vest with olive green long sleeves, very British style.

The colors are clean and tidy, the double-breasted buttons are very eye-catching, and the common British style jackets are very temperamental and casual.

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