How to tie a paracord keychain

02 Aug.,2022


rope keychain diy

A quick and easy way to make a paracord keychain is shown in this tutorial.

I have already shown a variety of different keychains (feel free to browse the paracord projects section for more ideas). This design though, has appealed to me mostly because it looks like a two pass monkey fist, but it is tied using a flat turk’s head, which is tightened around an overhand knot. I first saw this technique used by J.D.Lenzen in one of his videos, but I decided to adopt it as a way to make simple, spherical keychains.

I find this to be a nice way to use up some smaller lengths of cord. If you would prefer a more traditional keychain design, try the box knot keychain tutorial.

With all that said, time to get tying!

Supplies I used

You will want to have the following items:

  • a piece of paracord
  • key ring
  • lighter
  • knife or scissors to cut the cord

The paracord keychain tutorial

This keychain is made by first forming a flat turk’s head knot. We first form a loop, then weave the cord through in an under-over style, much like you would when making a lanyard knot. Then simply double the first weave. When done, pull the cord to the back side, flip the turk’s head around and tie an overhand knot. Cut the end, then shape the knot around the overhand knot core. With that the spherical part of the keychain is done, all there is left to do is to attach it to a key ring. I recommend using something the likes of a fisherman knot.

Now for a few images:

This video from may come in handy if you have a hard time tying the knot: