How does a snorkel mask work? Marco explains!

23 Nov.,2022


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Snorkel masks have been on the rise in recent years. The great advantage of a snorkel mask is that you do not physically have a snorkel in your mouth, so you can keep breathing through your nose and mouth. This allows you to continue to make saliva while snorkeling and a dry mouth is a thing of the past.

What is a snorkel mask?

A snorkel mask is a comfortable mask for snorkeling. With a snorkel mask not only breathing is a lot nicer, the field of view is a lot wider than with regular snorkel goggles.

Breathing with a snorkel mask

With a snorkel mask, the mouth and nose part is closed and you have separate areas for breathing in and out. If you exhale, you do not exhale the air through the valve, but via the side channels through a pipe. This prevents you from breathing in your own air again. The air goes out through the glass. An additional advantage of this is that you do not get fogged glass.

Watertight seal

The silicone frame encloses the entire face, from the chin to the forehead. This ensures a watertight seal. The snorkel is equipped with a waterstop. At the moment your snorkel goes underwater, the waterstop ensures that it is sealed airtight. This means that no water can enter the mask through the snorkel. Should there be some water behind the mask while snorkeling, then you can use the blowout valve. By blowing out loud through your mouth, you push the water out through the valve.

Different types, sizes and accessories

Our snorkel masks are available in different sizes and colours. There are four sizes: XS, S, M/L and L/XL. In addition, the masks are available in various colours. Are you wearing glasses and do you like prescription lenses? Our snorkel masks are suitable to attach special glasses to the inside of the mask. Read more about prescription lenses in this blog. There are also adapters that you can click on the mask’s snorkel so that you can attach your Go-Pro to it.

More information about snorkel masks?

Would you like more information about snorkel masks? We will gladly tell you more about it! Come to our megastore in Nijverdal for personalized advice or contact us for more information. Our enthusiastic team is happy to assist you!