Full-Face Snorkeling Masks: Pros And Cons

23 Nov.,2022


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Top Reliable Full-Face Snorkeling Masks

- Top Vision (angle & options)
- GoPro / Camera Compatible


  • ✔️ Largest field of view on the market;

  • ✔️ No fogging thanks to the one-way air circulation system;

  • ✔️ Wide range of accessories  (Camera Support



  • ✔️ Optical lens support (sold separately);

OCEAN REEF was the first to design a FFSM and has brought its 25 year knowledge in the scuba full-face mask industry to the table, when engineering its products.

Ocean Reef Aria QR+ full-face snorkeling mask provides 180-degree vision with no fog obstruction thanks to a well structured and fully tested one-way air circulation system.

The mask is compatible with a range of accessories like:
 - Optical Lens Kit,
 - Snorkie Talkie,
 - Surface Unit for Snorkie Talkie,

What makes this mask perfect is that all seals are made from black silicone, which reduces incoming surface glare for a more enjoyable visual experience.

For your extra comfort during transportation and after use, Ocean Reef Aria QR+ comes with a reusable carry bag with a mesh bottom.

Top Brand + Product PROs:

  • Air circulation system is


    . You always breathe Fresh air.

  • Independently tested

     (each product) to ensure safety and comfort. No CO2 build up.

  • New Italian design & manufacturing.

  • Quick release

    buckle feature. Buckles adjust to head size for optimal fit & hold.

  • A range of



  • Dark face seal

    to avoid glare.

  • Camera holder


    reusable carry bag


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BEST FOR - Quality Mask for Affordable Price


  • ✔️ Large field of view;

  • ✔️ The new air baffle completely eliminates fogging;

  • ✔️ Minimalist design;

  • ✔️ Great balance between high quality and affordable price.

The first Cressi mask, the Sirena, was handcrafted in 1943. It remained in the catalog, with various updates, for more than 30 years.

The Baron is the version of Duke (see #4 on this TOP list) with a different pack (cardboard box instead of the reusable bag) and a more simplified aesthetic, but with identical features that differentiate it from other masks on the market.

The air circulation in Baron is clearly superior to most other full face snorkeling masks available today. The FFSM was tested in the laboratory of the Engineering Department of the Milan Polytechnic, where the results exceeded all expectations.

Cressi Baron is a full-face snorkeling mask for an affordable price designed with extremely high-quality materials and technology, allowing the user to breathe easily.

Its visual field is 30% larger than average full-face masks' providing a better view of the underwater.

The mask also features the new air baffle that completely eliminates fogging. It has special safety purging valves and a dry-top snorkel system to reduce the chance of water leaking inside.

Top Product PROs:

  • 30% larger

    viewing area.

  • The patented


    design for

    effortless and natural breathing


  • The face skirt is made of soft

    hypoallergenic silicone

    for comfort and perfect seal.

  • The two

    x-cross straps

    are easy to adapt for a perfect fit for your head.

  • Frame and lens are made of



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BEST FOR - Most Comfortable Breathing


  • ✔️ Seac patented exhaust circuit;

  • ✔️ One-way valves with a larger cross-section for effortless exhalation;

  • ✔️ Smaller internal volume;

  • ✔️ Skirt shape designed to adapt to every kind of facial contour.

All the production batches of Seac full-face masks are tested in their laboratories with specific Ansti machines for measuring the dynamic performance of human respiration.

These tests are carried out using proprietary Seac equipment which has been specifically developed to control the levels of CO2 present in the air inhaled through the masks during the breathing process.

Seac has developed a series of tests in compliance with the values required by the top European standards.

Seac Libera has completely separate circuits for fresh air and exhaled air, which means you will not breathe in the same air you’ve just exhaled. Exhaled air is expelled through a SEAC patented exhaust circuit.

This full-face mask also features an anti-fogging system with the continuous flow of incoming air. Its one-way valves have a slightly larger cross section which provides an effortless exhalation and effective expulsion of residual CO2.

A large anatomical hypoallergenic liquid silicone skirt with a shape designed to adapt to every kind of facial contour ensures the very best seal, safety, and comfort. The Seac Libera mask has a silicone strap with a co-molded colored insert for perfect fixation on the head.

What’s more, there are two ways to adjust the strap, both in front and in the lower section. The quick-release buckles allow you to take the mask off instantly for maximum safety.

Top Product PROs:

  • A full-face panoramic mask that combines the

    highest levels of safety, ease of use and style


  • Maximum safety

    thanks to laboratory testing with Ansti machines and dedicated equipment to measure breathing performance and control CO2 levels. 

  • The

    quick-release buckles

    on both sides of the mask allow you to remove Seac Libera with just one hand.

  • Seac

    quality features

    : wide panoramic anti-fog screen, patented separate channel breathing system, purge valves, high quality soft hypoallergenic silicone.

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BEST FOR - Most Durable


  • ✔️ Lateral tube position for airflow with minimal effort;

  • ✔️ Enlarged extraction chamber to prevent CO2 build-up;

  • ✔️ Excellent anti-fogging effect;

  • ✔️ A range of color options available.

Another full-face mask by Cressi, the Duke model features a breathing chamber that is separated from the vision chamber. This gives users multiple benefits such as: easy breathing, no CO2 build-up, and fog-free vision chamber.

All those benefits are possible because of the Cressi Duke’s unique design feature, which is a lateral tube position. This advantage is enhanced by the fact that neither the breathing chamber nor the tube have any valves to impede the user’s breath.

What’s more, the extraction chamber has an enlarged volume in order to allow for optimal CO2 extraction.

Top Product PROs:

  • Clear view with no fogging

    thanks to the


    separate breathing and vision chambers that provide constant airflow.

  • Larger field of vision.

    Available with a dark skirt option for an even better view.

  • Natural breathing through the nose and mouth.

    The mask is effortless to use; just breathe naturally while looking at the underwater beauty.

  • Improved comfort for prolonged use.

    The durable elastic strap will not tangle in your hair.

  • Snorkel with Dry System.

    Do not worry about any water trapping in the snorkel.

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