Can You Breathe Underwater With a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

23 Nov.,2022


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We’ll be honest, we started this company because we could see a lot of people were missing out on snorkelling purely due to the fact that they didn’t like ‘the whole breathing thing’.

Whether it’s hearing themselves breathe, having a tube stuck in their mouth the whole time, or not being able to take in air through their nose, there are a number of things that people just plain don’t like about breathing with a traditional snorkel. And that’s why we set out to design a full face snorkel mask that would make things easier, so more people could enjoy the underwater universe while breathing more comfortably, naturally, and effortlessly.

In case you missed it: a traditional snorkel maskis one that involves having a tube in your mouth that sticks out above the water. You inhale and exhale through the tube, and we can kinda see why it can be freaky for some people. It’s not uncommon to have water accidentally enter the tube, making you choke, and it’s easy to suffer jaw fatigue and claustrophobia when you’re a newbie.