9d VR machine 3d headsets glasses 2 seats blue 9d cinema virtual reality simulator vr games for sale

25 May.,2023


Detailed Product Description

9d VR machine 3d headsets glasses 9d cinema virtual reality simulator vr games for sale
9d Cinema Simulator Introduction 
2017 blockbuster upgrade! Now we come out 9DVR three-seat! Players can sit on each single shell seat, wear VR glasses, can feel the movement tilt of right-left, back and forth, forward and backward according to the various scenes in the game.
Virtual reality technology is the use of computer simulation to generate a three-dimensional space of the virtual world and to provide users with visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory simulation, so that customers have the extraordinary sense of immersive.9D VR using the latest vr technology to watch the 360 visual movies, no need screen or projector.

The function of 9d Cinema Simulator
1. Free vision
2. Interactive cabin with dynamic effects.
3. 360 ° rotating platform
4. Head tracking target
5. Rich content
6. Amazing virtual reality experiences
The advantages of 9d Cinema Simulator
No need screen or projector.
360 degree dynamic platform, the accuracy of up to 99.99%.
Occupying small chip area.
Small volume easy to transfer.
Wireless operation. No need to install.

9d Cinema Simulator Applications :
* Tourist attractions.
* All kinds of Club, including private company club and racking club.
* Star hotels.
* KTV.
* Movie theater, home theater.
* Arcade.
* Auto show.
* Supermarket.
* Science promotion activities and so on.
Profit Mode For 9d Cinema Simulator


Profit Analysis

Total Profit($)

One Day

$5* 300 people*1 day


One Month

$5* 300 people*7day


9d Cinema Simulator Specifications
9d Cinema Simulator series experience than many other VR game seems more depth. I think any universe science fiction fans have fantasized about driving a spaceship feeling, but after the VR to become a reality, a lot of games will realize that most people desire. However, the device is 9D virtual reality simulator does have a space capsule, but also with the contents of the capsule film the action game of helplessness, we can be more immersed into the virtual world.


9d Cinema Simulator 

with 3 eggs


3 degree freedom movement

Seat available


Control system

Electric servo system




3computers,3 electric cylinders, with VR glass, console.

Special effect

smoke,face air,leg touch,push back,vibration,ear wind


Above 100pcs for free


with shooting interactive game

Packing details : Air bubble film + Stretch films + Strong Wood frame
Delivery time : 7-15days after receiving the deposit
After-sale sercice
a.3 years warranty for software!
b.2 years warranty for components!
c.1 year warranty for hardware!
d.Technical support in a lifetime!

9d VR machine 3d headsets glasses 9d cinema virtual reality simulator vr games for sale

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