15 DIY Paracord Keychains - How To Make A Paracord Keychain

02 Aug.,2022


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Keychains are one of the most useful accessories, you can show off your personality or add a little style to your outfit in so many different ways. The best part about DIY Paracord keychains is that you can customize them to fit your needs and preferences. The sky's the limit with this project and if you're looking for an easy way to brighten up someone's day, these paracord keychains will do the trick. Paracord is an essential survival tool, it's lightweight and durable. It can also be used as a decoration on your keychain.

DIY Paracord Keychains:

DIY Paracord Keychains are a project which will help you create lovely paracord keychains with the use of different knotting techniques. You can even make your pets’ collars or matching bracelets for all members of your family by attaching these trendy and decorative accessories to them. If you have never made any paracord crafts then you must take a try if you have a little time as this project does not consume much time and you can get started now. We've gathered for you some tutorials on how to make this awesome keychain. The tutorials are very detailed and easy to follow, so you won't encounter any problems while making one of these cool accessories.

Paracord Keychain

Great for camping, fishing, backpacking, and more! A Paracord Keychain is a fun and frugal project, especially for kids. To make one, you'll need three to four feet of nylon cord, a lighter or matches, scissors, and a keychain ring. The paracord supplies can be found at most sporting goods stores. Make a paracord keychain to use for everyday tasks or for an event. Paracord has hundreds of uses, so you'll definitely find yourself using it. First, cut 12 inches of paracord for your first color. Then cut 8 ½ inch pieces for the second color and 12 ½ inch pieces for the last color. After cutting the paracord measure from one end of your loop to the other end and add 1 inch to it. This will be a total measurement of 1 ½ inches at one end of the loop.


How to make Snake knot paracord keychain

The snake knot paracord keychain is a simple way to save some money while crafting. The fact that you can make one directly from your kids is pretty cool too. Snake knot keychains are easy to make using only two knots, the snake knot, and a half hitch. Once you learn how to make a snake knot keychain, you can add more detail or complexity by adding extra knots nearby. If planning to sell them, be sure to read the tips at the end of this tutorial for additional ways to create your own signature design of snake knot keychains.

Paracord Lanyard Instructions

Featuring detailed instructions on how to make a lanyard, the Paracord Lanyard Instructions infographic is a great place to start when it comes to crafting paracord accessories. To create your very own paracord lanyard, you will only need a few supplies and some patience. Here are a few quick steps to make your paracord lanyard. To start, fold the outer sheath over the inner strands and form a loop. Then tie a knot at the midpoint of the loop, allowing the remaining cord to extend out of each end. Next, double knot the first knot down the length of the cord, allowing both halves to come back out of each side. Now that the length of the cord is set, you can add in any number of pendants or other bits to make it more unique!


How to Make a Paracord Carabiner Keychain

You can now have a Paracord keychain with an aluminum carabiner. With the carabiner, you can hook this to your keyring, or your bag, and you are good to go. It also allows for it to be mountable for survival situations. The Paracord can be used in many different ways. For example, it's used as a belt to replace a broken one somewhere in the woods, or hang something heavy off of it. This Paracord Keychain is made with high-quality metal and prepared for real use. The rope inside the metal will not break easily. It is very practical and has a more luxurious appearance.

How to Make a Monkey Fist Paracord Keychain

While a traditional paracord monkey fist is made by wrapping a ball bearing in the center, this method uses no filler material at all. The finished knot has a nice weight to it and can be hung using the grommets on your pack or belt Monkey Fist Paracord Keychain The Monkey Fist is an ancient maritime knot used to secure a ship's boats or anchors. This version has no marbles in the center. It is tied using some pre-made round paracord and 4 cords (about 16" long). For thinner cords use more wraps, for thicker cords use fewer wraps.

How to Make a Paracord Lanyard Keychain

This Paracord keychain makes an excellent gift for a friend or family member who is into camping and survival. It can also be used as a bootlace or belt to hold up your pants in case it breaks. The included all-metal side carabiner and split ring are perfect for securing smaller items, so you'll never have to worry that they will fall out of your pocket. Durable, lightweight, and crafted from the strand of a parachute, this lanyard is designed to withstand the toughest situations. Plus, it only gets better over time; with wear and tear, each one will lose its stiffness and become even more comfortable to hold.

How to Make a Paracord Grenade Keychain

Have you ever been in a situation where you need a keychain that is easy to take apart, lightweight, and durable? Well, the paracord grenade key chain is what you need! This grenade is modeled after an actual military issue grenade. It has a round bottom so it will not roll off of flat surfaces. For quick retrieval, it can easily be removed from your belt or bag with one hand. Survival Gear Grenade Keychain This is a survival grenade with rope wrapped around each of the several pieces of survival gear.

It’s perfect for quickly gathering all of your essential survival gear in one key chain. Both sides have a window to show what each item is so you don’t have to un-cord to identify it.  The paracord also makes it easy to unravel and use either separately or as a whole set. In addition, you can use it in case of emergency as the paracord has multiple uses such as fishing, shelter making, and fire starting. Be prepared for the worst with this survival gear collection that can easily fit into your pocket or purse.

How to Make a Paracord Grenade Keychain

Take your trusty double paracord Grenade Keychain with you everywhere you go. These are made out of a durable Polymer that is able to fit into any purse, bag, or pocket. This is not just another boring keychain, but a useful tool for all ages! Learn how to make a paracord parachute grenade keychain in a step-by-step manner. Paracord is used for several things such as making bracelets, belts, and even lanyards. Make this survival grenade as shown in the picture to take with you when in the wild or to simply have at home. The strings inside are a combination of inner threads and small hooks. There is also a fishing line and some weights at the bottom of the grenade so that it sinks easily underwater.

How to Make a Paracord Keychain

A paracord keychain is an easy project you can do to ensure that you have a length of rope with you whenever you are out and about. It will take just 15 minutes to make. With this simple keychain, you will be able to get yourself and your family out of the woods if ever in need of help and aid. A Paracord Keychain is a great way to always have access to the strong string. Whipping one up is a great skill for everyone. Even if you accidentally lose your keys, you will always have a length of rope that you can use to help yourself out of any bad situation.

How to Make A Paracord Keychain

A paracord keychain is a unique way to ensure that you have something readily available to get help in the wilderness. Paracord is something that can be carried anywhere, and once you have made a keychain from it, you will have an easily accessible length of rope to get help if you are ever in trouble. Paracord is pretty easy to find on its own, but selecting your own color and length will allow it to fit perfectly into your keychain lifestyle. After that, you can create a lanyard and make a hole at the end of it so it will be easier for you to attach it to your keys. The rest is totally up to your imagination! Here's a complete step-by-step tutorial for making your very first paracord keychain ever!


Paracord Survival Keychain

Make this Paracord Survival Keychain with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Use it as a keychain, or in your camping gear to hold anything you need to have on hand in case of an emergency. Tie the end and use it for fishing line, and so much more!! For this project, you will need 2 feet of paracord in your favorite color, a lighter, a key ring and/or clip, and an elastic hair tie or two (optional). This keychain is great for anyone with an active lifestyle. Since it is made from paracord, you can use the lanyard to hold any other small item that you may want to be bound to your keys.


 Make a Perfect Paracord Lanyard and Keychain

did you know that you can make a paracord keychain and lanyard yourself? If you've just purchased your first paracord, or are completely new to the concept of making them do you have so many boxes that you can't keep track of your keys? Are you tired of having to move them from one box to the other so you can find something? Make a keychain today out of a skill that will last through years and many boxes. Whether you're looking for simpler jobs or more complicated ones, there's always something to make on your own!

How To Make Snake Knot Keychain With Red

Looking for a new and interesting skill to perfect? Learn how to make a snake-knot paracord keychain. The instructions are simple and it only requires 2 knots, the sheet bend, and the cobra knot. You can create this keychain from simple materials, like alligator clips, straws or wooden beads, leather lacing, or even in stretchy cord for some variations. If you don't have those specific materials on hand, dollar store items will do just fine. Since you use a whole length of paracord for this project, you can easily adjust the size of your keychain. Or after your Snake-knot keychain is complete add other designs and embellishments to create something unique!

Make a Sanctified Knot Paracord Keychain

Sanctified Knot is the most difficult to master, but the most attractive of all macrame patterns. The sanctified knot is one of the most important knots in making paracord accessories. This covers the simplest way to make it just with several line cords. With this creativity, you can make a sanctified knot paracord keychain for any friends and relatives.A knot is a powerful symbol and if you want to represent your connection to the universe then this is the keychain for you. It’s super simple to make and will look great on your bag!

Super Easy Paracord Lanyard Keychain

From the creator of the best-selling paracord belt comes this miniature version! This paracord lanyard keychain is the perfect item for people who like hiking, camping, and any other outdoor activity. It can be used as a bootlace or belt to hold up your pants in case it breaks – even cut into smaller pieces to use as fishing line, sewing thread, or tie off a tourniquet in case you get injured. The great thing about these keychains is that they are all metal except for the paracord, so they won't suffer from any performance degradation or breakages like with other keychains made with plastic mounts and buckles.