10 Aug.,2022


After several years of testing different frame lengths and wheel sizes, we are proud to present our most specialized Wizard Skating frames to date. 

The Wizard Advanced frames are an evolution of our Progressive Rocker (PR) frames. Developed for experienced Wizard skaters looking to advance their skills to a new level.

Designed with a combination of 100mm outer wheels and 80 or 84mm inner wheels (depending on the boot size). The outer wheels extend beyond and above the boot’s base to provide superior balance for toe and heel tricks, while the 3 smaller wheels under the foot help maintain a low centre of gravity (more control), and shorter effective contact (more maneuverability).  


Progressive Rocker

100/80mm wheels,


344mm frame base   

100/84mm wheels, 356mm frame base 

UFS mounting

Made in Canada

Includes 10 steel frame axles

Includes 4 UFS mounting bolts + washers

Frame options based on boot size:

Advanced 100/80 for Wizard boot size 43 or smaller

Advanced 100/84 for Wizard boot size 44 or larger

*These frames are designed with the boot size in mind to allow the outer wheels to extend beyond and above the boot’s base… Meaning that the smaller frame option will not physically fit on the larger boot sizes. 

**The Wizard Advanced frames are not recommended for beginners or skaters that are new to Wizard skating.