What is so great about wizard frames?? : rollerblading

10 Aug.,2022


Okay so I'm a huge fan of mushroom blading and Leon basin and Sean from shoptask who also uses the wizard frames....and most of these people seem to know tons about skates.

But they just look so oversized and clunky to me half the time I'm like how the hell do they do what they do with those clunky ass frames? They also look kind of fugly to me.

I've skated my whole life, and after knee surgery and missing out on work I decided to tone things down a bit and buy a non aggressive skate. So I picked up some seba sx a couple years ago and it was like I had never skated before, just so much less work than my Shima nihms.

Anyhow I was really blown away by the differences between my aggressive skates and my new "slalom" skates. I started trying slalom style stuff and my skating style changed a bit. It's at that point that I realized I really don't know shit about skates or the hardware. I've never thought about buying a new frame really...the most I've ever done is but wheels and bearings. This year was the first time I learned to clean my bearings and rotate my wheels. (After watching some YouTube videos)

Considering how much I love skating I feel kind of dumb for not learning more about these sorts of things until now.

Anyhow that's where this community comes in I guess, anyone here using wizard frames? Any comments on them or why you'd want them over normal frames?

Also stumbled on the adapt skates the other day, I had never seen them before. They look cool but someone here said they're bad for slalom?

....and what the hell is this?


That's the most expensive skate I've ever seen...what could make it so great?

Sure it looks nice...except the frame.....but 950$!?