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10 Aug.,2022


skating frame

Aggressive skating came to life in the 1990s and almost from the very beginning, USD has been leading the sport by developing and producing the most innovative skates and parts possible.

Formed in 1997 as a sub-brand of POWERSLIDE, USD was originally named “Upside Down” because it was bold enough to turn the skate industry on its head and create the products needed to help grow the young sport of aggressive skating. As the brand developed and matured the name was changed to Universal Skate Design.

USD was the first company focused on producing high-quality skates with replaceable and customizable parts. For the first time ever, skaters could tailor their skates to suit individual skating styles and skill levels.

 More than just a company, with what is arguably the best skate team ever assembled, USD helped mold the sport and develop a culture. Legendary skaters including Dustin Latimer, Jon Julio, Josh Petty, Aaron Feinberg, Rachard Johnson, Champion Baumstimmler, and Kevin Gillan were some of the original members of the USD team.