Universal Frame System

10 Aug.,2022


skating frame

What are Skate Frames?

The guide is the part of the skate that goes fastened to the boot, and she supports the wheels. They can be of plastic, aluminum or composite materials. The guides can go fastened to the boot, forming only one piece, or be screwed or enjada somehow that allows his spare or replacement. In the last years, the standard of guides UFS has been imposed on the market.

What is a UFS Skate Frame?

In the beginning the guides were integral part of the boot, forming everything and being irreplaceable. What it was meaning that if they were breaking you, or you were a handyman or you were throwing the skates to the garbage.

Later there appears the standard UFS (Universal Frame System) thanks to the manufacturer of aggressive skates USD (originally UPSIDEDOWN, to see further down), in whom there were described the wide, long ones and the system of anchoring that a standard guide UFS should have. Thanks to this, now the boots and the guides are two completely differentiated parts, being able to preserve so the boots and change the handlebars at need or preference.

You prop, thanks to this many small manufacturers (the first one was Powerslide, to see further down) threw themselves to the new market and designed numerous types of guide, knowing that, on having been compatible with all the new existing UFS models, they would have a big market there out that to supply.

Today, it can be said that the practical totality of the new designs of aggressive skates they support the standard UFS for guides.


USD (UPSIDEDOWN) founded on July 29, 1998, is a skates manufacturer of aggressive.


His first model was the USD Damocles, whose principal strong point was the possibility of exchanging multitude of pieces, like the closings, the badges of soul or the guide. The target of the first UPSIDEDOWN was to turn round him to the industry with new concepts, designs that they would make possible that the skaters were personalizing their own partines from interchangeable free pieces. (It notices: upsidedown is English and signica of the reverse or mouth below, from here the words game comes 'we are going to put the industry upside down')

Change of name

The same 1998, the name is shy for that of USD, a shorter name. The new name and change of image were a product of Shane Coburn and Barberry Eisenberg, who entered the team of USD to help to promote the new mark.

The team USD

In this initial etapda, the team of USD was formed by Jon Julio, Josh Petty, Dustin Latimer, and Champion Baumstimler. Kevin Gillan also joined the team USD slightly later.

In 1999, Brian Shima joined the team USD, conincidiendo with the throwing of a new model, the USD Psirus.


Powerslide was the first manufacturer that desarollo a guide UFS (Universal Frame System) compatible with the pieces of USD. More specifically, it was Kizer, the mark of guides of Powerslide the one that created the Stream Frame according to the standard UFS.