BLANK FRAME (1PR) Rollerblade USA

10 Aug.,2022


skating frame

Tested and developed by the Blank pro street and park team riders. This UFS frame fits any street or park skate with UFS (Universal Frame System). The redesigned H-block is lower by 5mm to allow for better grinding with both flat (all 4 wheels touching) or anti-rocker (two small grind wheels in 2nd and 3rd wheel positions) wheel set ups. Includes: (8) axles, (4) frame mounting bolts, and (4) T-nuts.
• THIS FRAME IS FOR - Skaters looking for durable and reliable set ups.
• ZYTEL COMPOSITE - Universal Frame System (UFS) construction.
• SUPER-LOCK GROOVE - Integrated H-block for increased center grinding and optimal ride for flat or rockered set ups.
• INCLUDES ALL MOUNTING HARDWARE - including (8) axles, (4) frame mounting bolts.