Know Your Rivets

15 Nov.,2022


rivet racking

Rivets are the unsung heroes of the manufacturing industry.

They offer supreme fastening capabilities for light and heavy-duty applications alike, and they have been used for decades on everything from submarines to aircraft to sheet-metal assemblies.

Rivets are ideal for supporting shear and tensile loads, as well as watertight applications.

Just what is a rivet? A rivet is a mechanical fastener consisting of a smooth, cylindrical shaft with a head. Upon installation, the end of the shaft expands, creating a “shop head” and fastening objects in place.

There are many types of rivets: blind rivets, solid rivets, tubular rivets, drive rivets, split rivets, shoulder rivets, tinners rivets, mate rivets, and belt rivets. Each type of rivet has unique benefits, making each ideal for a different type of fastening. They’re are also available in different materials, sizes and finishes, as needed.