10 Common Uses for Rivets

15 Nov.,2022


rivet racking

Facing strong headwinds, high altitudes, and heavy loads, aircraft of any kind need to be made from solid, strong materials.  Riveting is an essential part of the construction of aircraft for permanent metal fastening.  Rivets are the ultimate choice for hardware since oftentimes fastening can only be performed from one side of the material.

Pots and pans
Rivets are our house specialty.  As small as they are, pot and pan rivets are an integral part of long-lasting cookware in the kitchen.  Aluminum frying pans, cast iron trays, stainless steel pots, and ceramic skillets often have handles fastened to the main cookware body using solid rivets or semi-tubular rivets.

Window blinds and coverings
From shades, to blinds, to shutters, rivets are a key component to this everyday essential.  When you open your blinds at first light to when it’s time to turn in for the night, rivets help make this simple act possible.  Rivets are used to secure the individual blinds to the frame of the window covering so when the blinds are shuddered or open, the blinds are secured to the frame while having the ability to pivot open and closed. 

Aluminum boats
Keeping you afloat, a solid rivet serves a practical and all-important function when it comes to aluminum watercraft.  Rivets are the perfect choice for marine use because of their dependability and ability to hold pieces together with a tight enough seal to keep water out.

Trailers and campers
These small, mushroom-shaped pieces of hardware are the fasteners of choice for many trailer and camper companies.  In fact, on average there at 4,000 rivets in every Airstream travel trailer according to the company.  Rivets are extremely reliable and highly resistant to loosening, making them the perfect hardware for putting the miles on.

Military equipment
Not so common for the average Joe, and better suited for G.I. Joe, rivets are a key component in high-performance ammunition handling systems to drive efficiency.  Rivets are used in the construction of the chain that carries ammunition through the weaponry. 

We’ve all heard the expression “communication is key”.  For modes of transportation like airplanes, boats, and cars, this is true which is why having speakers are critical to safe and smooth sailing, if you will.  Rivets have the all-important job of holding these important devices in place.

Electric and magnetic motors
When you turn the key in the ignition or push the button on the blender, you expect your equipment to run like a well-oiled machine.  Rivets help make that happen by keeping every component in place.  Made from tough materials, like steel and aluminum, rivets are built to last and remain in place.

Holiday decorations and wall signs
Christmas and Halloween decorations, photo frames, and artwork can all easily be installed on walls and ceilings with riveting.  Since you only have access to one side of the wall or ceiling, rivets are the ideal way to efficiently enhance a space.

As you can see, rivets are all around us.  And will be for many years to come due to their reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.  For over 60 years, Prairie Rivet has led the way in rivet manufacturing producing meticulously crafted semi-tubular and solid rivets from a variety of materials.  Need some help deciding what rivets to order?  Simply drop us a line (920)-398-2316 or send an email at sales@prairierivet.com to our customer service team and we’ll be in touch in no time.  Already know what you need?  You can place your order through our website or give us a call.