The Difference Between O Rings and Gaskets

25 Nov.,2022


rubber oil seal

Choosing between O Ring and Gasket Seals

When designing equipment, it is important to consider the various functions a seal must accomplish before deciding if an O ring or a gasket is better for this application. Both perform the same basic function of stopping liquids or gasses from ingressing or egressing.

The shape of the seal is one key criteria where the difference between an O ring and a gasket becomes very clear. In some applications, only a gasket will work because the shape of the joint makes it difficult or impossible to design a good seal using an O ring, which requires a groove to sit in.

The other key factors are temperature and pressure. The material used to make the seal is a critical factor with regards to operating temperature. While both O rings and gaskets can perform well in a wide temperature range, gaskets have the edge in extreme temperatures. O rings, however, are the superior choice in applications with extreme pressure. Under pressure, an O ring’s performance will improve while a gasket’s effectiveness will decrease.

Understanding the difference between O rings and gaskets is critical to making the choice that will function best and longest in the application in question. At Abbey Seals, we invest in state-of-art technology to create custom materials to meet your needs. Our recommendation is always to review the total application from the customer and, with all the information in hand, we can offer the most appropriate seal for whichever application. Contact our experts today, and we will happy to answer any questions you might have about