Conveyor Belting

02 Sep.,2022


heat resistant conveyor belt

coal mine conveyor belt

Dorner conveyor belts stand above the rest compared to the products of other conveyor belt suppliers for a variety of reasons. Our in-house team performs peerless operations including cutting, splicing, v-guiding, testing, and inspecting all of our customer’s conveyors. We also provide industry-leading belt tracking, tensioning methods, and speeds.

We make all of our vacuum conveyor belts in our facilities so we can guarantee optimal perforation pattern quality and part-holding ability. The Dorner team also handles quality assurance to ensure our vacuum conveyors and conveyor systems are reliable and effective, a process that makes us one of the top conveyor belt manufacturers in the world.

With our unique V-guiding techniques, we can achieve superior tracking and accurate product movement with our conveyors. Before the belt is manufactured, we complete V-guiding to improve accuracy and integrity with a seamless belt guide. Other companies in the market apply V-guide after splicing, resulting in lowered accuracy and a higher risk of potential failure points.

In addition to the unrivaled quality of Dorner conveyor belts, our lead times are among the fastest in the industry, ensuring your business’ production line can keep running smoothly.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading conveyor belt manufacturers in the USA and around the world, and the quality of our products consistently demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative, effective conveying solutions.