2021 whole chicken grading machine

18 May.,2021

Five times efficiency of manual work, with higher accuracy and 24-hour operation.


        Poultry processing plants generally classify their products according to their size and weight to meet the diversified needs of the market. At present, most         manufacturers still use manual sorting, the biggest disadvantage is low efficiency, high error rate and high cost.

        According to the feedback from customers in poultry industry, Dahang has designed a whole chicken grading machine through in-depth investigation.

 2021 whole chicken grading machine.png
2021 whole chicken grading machine

        The whole chicken grading machine, embedded in the production line, is specially used for multi-level weight grading of poultry products. Each product can be weighed separately and automatically graded to the corresponding weight grade area.

Features of Dahang HDPE pipe:
1. Dahang independently developed the weighing control system;
2. 15 years of client application verification, stable and reliable;
3. High precision digital weighing sensor system;
4. It has the functions of high speed digital filter processing and automatic zero point tracking;
5. Industry unique dynamic weighing anti-interference algorithm;
6. Maximum weighing accuracy ± 3g;
7. The separation speed can reach 120 PCS / min;
8. It can be divided into 20 weight classes at most;
9. 100 clock product parameter preset, free switching;
10. Multi language version selection, personalized operating system design;
11. Production data report function, quickly understand the production status;
12. It has the function of data storage, output and printing;
13. A variety of communication protocol ports can be added to realize the interconnection between devices.

        The grading efficiency of the whole chicken grader is five times that of manual work, with higher accuracy and 24-hour operation, which helps enterprises to realize product standardization efficiently and improve the bargaining power of the market.