What is PVC film? What is Vinyl film?

21 Nov.,2022


pvc shrink film

Being a more reliable manufacturer of PVC films, our goal is to provide you with the best quality products that have excellent resistance to all types of weather and also to corrosion. Our PVC sheet is definitely resistant to corrosion and chemicals. It is very easy to apply with all kinds of tools.   

The PVC films we produce range from transparent films, translucent films, opaque films in various colors, embossed designs, films with prints, decorative layers with wooden designs and much more.   

All materials are available both in the laminated layer and in a single layer for long durability. We have more than one hundred and eighty embossing designs and also more than two hundred printing models that come in different colors. New designs are always available at the request of the clients.

Our PVC sheets definitely meet the demands of customers for its various applications, for example, it can be used as the main material for making albums and folders and files. They are also ideal for the interior lining of luggage and the sheet to the surface.

Apart from being the ideal material for shoe coverings, both the inner and upper part, it is also very perfect as packaging products. Our PVC films have a wide range of applications: toy materials, pockets, household appliances and computer covers, decorative wooden layer for the table, wall, cabinet and partition, bathroom curtains, disposable covers, umbrella materials and etc.

As its application is very varied, ranging from construction materials to food packaging, our plastic sheet is very resistant, has a great strength, is incombustible and also has light weight. Being a low price material, it is a perfect choice for a material that meets several applications and meets the demands of different people. It can also resist chemicals and dielectrics. They are also very resistant to traction and much more.

With its great strength, this material is perfect for use with many chemicals such as alcohols, alkalis and other types of acid. Its mechanical resistance and its comfort in use are very useful for several applications.   

Our PVC sheets have the key features that include resistance to chemicals, impact resistance, high level of fire and grade self-extinguishing, excellent hot and electronic resistance, low degree of toxicity and much more.

With our extensive experience in the production of PVC sheets, we can control the consistent thickness for the entire sheet. We are allowed to create different materials with many different properties. Our materials can fully withstand all weather conditions, therefore, our product, PVC film is considered as having the best quality.

Being a manufacturer of PVC sheets, we aim to provide all customers with only high quality products, without any maintenance problems. Home owners can enjoy our product because of its light weight, ease of installation and application with any type of tool. Our plastic sheets have a chemical resistance, can resist the substance as alkalis and acids. Their features make them perfect for any applications among home owners.