Upcycling Glass Bottles

03 Apr.,2023


You have just thrown the most happening  (and hopefully the most eco friendly) party in your neighbourhood and you are left with some beautiful empty alcohol glass bottles. So, what do you do with them?
Checking the internet for ideas to upcycle glass bottles can be quite intimidating if you have images like these that pop up:




So you now have the right intention to upcycle glass bottles but do not have the tools, time or even worse; the creative talent!  Don’t worry, here are some very simple ways I reuse/upcycle bottles at my work and home .

They make the best plant holders.

This was something I learnt from my mother and she continues to decorate her home with them.
Most wine and alcohol bottles are so pretty by themselves  that one does not have to decorate them further. Just fill them up with water and put a plant cutting in it and they make the most beautiful plant holders .
Here are the kind of plants that do well in a bottle of water.
1.  Epipremnum aureum  aka Money Plant
2. Synconium

Here are some pictures from my mom’s home and mine.











My mom prefers to have the label on few of the bottles












This bottle was a gift and the orange paint started peeling and did not seem fit to drink water out of. So now it decorates my powder room.








At the powder room at my mom’s the bottle sits beautifully on top of the flush tank. She has taken a  little creative effort by using a bow that came with a gift and sticking on the bottle.

Inspired by all the upcycling around her, my  sales person Ranjita  added this small design element to this wine bottle. She poured  Fevicol on the bottle and allowed it to drip on the sides. Once dried she painted the Fevicol gold.  Though it was gifted to me my mom decided it would look better in her home.  And it sure does!

The more the bottles the merrier! Our cafe, Ashvita Bistro decorated by these beautiful bottles.

They make great bottles to store water.

Old alcohol bottles were the only things most households used to use to store water in the fridge and drink out of. After the advent of PET this practice has been long forgotten.
During one of my visits to our dear friend Shanti aunty’s house I saw her reuse glass bottles for water in a simple yet elegant way that I started using the same at my place. All you need is to get yourself some silicon wine stoppers and voila you have a beautiful collection of water bottles.
The water actually tastes much better when drunk out of a Glass Bottle as opposed to a plastic bottle (trust me. It does) and safer too.
Usually Ebay and Amazon have a great collection of such stoppers. Else you can always collect the stopper from most of your alcohol bottles that can be reused like the one below.





Here are my water bottles at home


Water bottle next to a plant growing out of a Starbucks mocha bottle. I use the protection cover that comes with most wine bottles to cover up the bottle that started looking dirty over time.  (Another trick taught by my mom) .

How have you reused/ upcycled glass bottles? Do share us your ideas and pictures at info@golisodastore.com

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