Temporary Protection Films

23 Jul.,2022

Temporary protection films are designed to protect critical surfaces from scratching & contamination. These pressure sensitive adhesive films adhere to & protect surfaces during fabrication, assembly, shipping & storage, and will remove cleanly when the job is done. These films protect critical surfaces in metals, automotive, plastics & virtually any market.


carpet masking film

Pregis PolyMask™: Protective Films for Any Application

In order to meet the needs of a variety of customers in a variety of industries, Pregis PolyMask protective films can be outfitted with a few different kinds of adhesive:

  • Water-based: environmentally friendly and water-soluble, these adhesives create film that is quickly and easily removed
  • Solvent-based: films with this kind of adhesive are resistant to aging and are convenient for the end-user to remove, produced using acrylic acid and an organic solvent
  • Rubber-based: with a high cohesion and little residual glue, rubber-based adhesive is perfect for protective film applications and can use both natural and synthetic rubber
  • Adhesiveless: with a low tack level and no adhesive transfer on surfaces, adhesiveless films use a proprietary process that embeds the adhesive compound directly into the polyethylene-based coextrusion

No two surfaces are the same, which is why Pregis PolyMask films come in a variety of adhesives, materials, gauges, lengths, widths, and tack to cater to any customer.

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