Protect Coated and Uncoated Metals

23 Jul.,2022

Pregis manufactures a full line of protective film for painted, coated and uncoated metals. Adhesive masking films protect metal surfaces during fabrication, assembly and shipment. Made to be easily applied, not build in adhesion and remove cleanly in the end, we have experience in providing superior surface protection solutions. Contact us to learn more.


self adhesive protection film

Laser Films

Our films offer excellent adhesion, which means no bubbling during cutting. We offer three different adhesion levels; we work with you to provide the right one for your application. Our films provide a smooth release with no adhesive transfer – this makes the removal process pain-free. Our NEW formulation cuts cleaner, with fewer burrs. There is no pre-burning of shapes needed; just cut one time to get what you need, reducing machine time and cost! As laser speeds get faster and faster (up to 15k now!), you need a film that can keep up with those speeds – our films allow you to cut at higher speeds with sharper lines, improving the quality of parts and increasing production.