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24 Oct.,2022


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Practical Design Tips for Coffee Bag Labels

While coffee is perhaps one of the most complex flavors out there, you can’t have the same level of complexity reflect in its product label design.

Simplicity is beauty when it comes to marketing. And with coffee bag labels, this simplicity has to deliver the message clearly. Although this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a bit creative with the design. But if push comes to shove, it would be best to incorporate symmetry and sharp, clean edges on your coffee label, rather than flora and fauna.

Keeping that in mind, here are some tips on making coffee labels from JavaJavaMoola that should help you create a pleasing, fresh and original design.

Choose an Appealing Color

Coffee can be aggressive in flavor, to say the least.

But this aggressiveness does not have to carry into its labeling. One or two pops of color maximum will do the trick. Primary colors such as blue, green, red or yellow combined with the classic brown or black coffee hues will make the product appear bright and cheery without seeming too extreme.

Find a Suitable Font

When in doubt, go for cursive fonts. Elegant and simple, cursive fonts are easy to read as well, although if you want to give your label a bit of a modern edge, you could simply go with Sans Serif fonts.

When choosing lettering, always try to choose a font that’s not too thin or compact. Otherwise the customer might not be able to read it. And don’t stick to default fonts. No one likes to see an elegant coffee ruined by a Comic Sans font.