Polyethylene film (PE film)

23 Jul.,2022

What is Polyethylene (PE) film? If you want to know the answer, make sure to check this web page of our glossary for labeling and marking terminology!


pvc protective film

automotive masking film

What is polyethylene film?

Polyethylene film is a plastic film made from ethylene, a hydrocarbon which is mainly obtained from natural gas or petroleum. The terms ‘plastic sheeting’, ‘polyethylene sheet’, ‘poly sheeting’ or ‘poly film’ are often used as synonyms for polyethylene film.

The term polyethylene is abbreviated as ‘PE’, the same way polystyrene and polypropylene are abbreviated as ‘PS’ and ‘PP’ respectively. In the United Kingdom, the word ‘polythene’ is often used instead of ‘polyethylene’.