Plastic Film Recycling

23 Jul.,2022

You can recycle more than just plastic grocery bags at these plastic film collection spots. Read more here for the full list of what can be recycled.


pvc protective film

automotive masking film

The plastic is colored?
YES. Colored material is not a problem for recycling.

It tears like paper?
NO. This type of plastic is currently not accepted in bag recycling drop off points.

It crinkles loudly and is silvery or metallic (like candy wrappers, flower bouquet wraps, or chip bags) when I mash it in my hand?
NO. Please do not include, as it is not currently acceptable for recycling.

It has labels or tape?
YES, but labels, tape, and adhesive strips SHOULD BE REMOVED prior to putting it in the recycling bin. The integrity of the bag isn’t important—the recycler just wants the clean plastic.

It is thicker, stiff plastic like pet food bags or bedding bags (including anything with a zipper)?
NO. These are not the same type of plastic as what recyclers want, so DO NOT include them.

It contained frozen food or salad?
NO. Many of these bags may contain a barrier polymer or other additives that is not the polyethylene (#’s 2 and 4) plastic that recyclers want. These polymer barriers help protect the food and extend shelf life but recyclers consider them to be a contaminant in the recycling drop off points.

If it says it’s degradable or compostable?
NO. These bags cannot be placed in drop-off points. The recyclers reprocessing bags don’t want the products they are making to degrade over time so these bags are not acceptable. These bags are generally translucent green, have the words compostable on them. They also a tree like arrow coming from a leaf and pointing back to the leaf as a symbol.

It is dirty, has crumbs, or is wet?
NO. Recyclers need the bags and film to be CLEAN and DRY. Please don’t include dirty or wet bags, or any material that has food or other residues. If in doubt, throw it out!