How to Choose the Most Suitable Surface Protection Material?

23 Jul.,2022

Our quality-oriented protective films protect a wide range of PVC profiles, polycarbonate sheets, acrylic sheets, and moulded parts from being scratched or damaged during processing, assembly, and finishing.


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Plastics are found everywhere, in a wide range of resins, shapes, sizes, textures and surface finishes. Add to these variables and think of all the different finishes, assemblies and finishes encountered on plastic surfaces. Without protective films, parts or surfaces are susceptible to being scratched, scuffed or damaged at every stage of their journey. Fortunately, the proven performance of our protective film products will help ensure the performance and appearance of your product.

Benefits of PVC protective films for plastic parts and surfaces

1. Superb resistance to tears and punctures.

2. This plastic protective film is easy to peel off with bare hands. 

3. This protective plastic film is durable and flexible. 

4. This PVC protective film is compatible with all plastic surfaces. 

5. Stable viscosity, easy to peel off and does not leave glue.

6. ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. 7. ISO 14001: 2004 environmental certification.

PVC Protective Films for Plastic Parts and Surfaces

Additional applications


Architectural panels

Medical equipment

Optical films

Moulded parts

Moulded parts are used in every industry and come in almost any shape. A common denominator is that these products often require a flawless appearance, as they form the basis or focal point of many products in the automotive, electrical, marine, industrial and other sectors. So whether you have injection moulded, cast or thermoformed parts, you can rest assured that our range of pe self adhesive protective film will protect your parts and their reputation.

Additional applications Protective Films

Lawn and power equipment

TV and electronics

Window profiles

Automotive interior parts

Applications of Protective Films

Our quality-oriented protective films protect a wide range of PVC profiles, polycarbonate sheets, acrylic sheets and moulded parts from being scratched or damaged during processing, assembly and finishing. Most importantly, they uniquely offer excellent adhesive strength, tensile strength and elongation. They are easy to apply and peel with bare hands and do not leave any residual glue on the surface after peeling. So whatever type of surface you have for your plastic parts, our pe protective films will definitely provide the right solution for you.

How to choose the most suitable surface protection material?


Ability to be applied smoothly throughout the year without wrinkles or bubbles (low-temperature dependence of substrate and adhesive).

Ability to apply at high speeds.


No warping or breakage due to light processes such as cutting, stamping or bending or heavy processes such as drawing or roll forming.

Films and adhesives are not affected by press oils, paints or chemicals.

We always insist on using imported raw materials to produce PE self-adhesive protective films and strictly control the quality from the source. Our PE self-adhesive protective film is environmentally friendly and has no irritating odour.

Imported Raw Materials


Heat, pressure, UV etc. do not cause film embrittlement or changes to the protected surface (no contamination or adhesive residues).


The film peels easily in all climates.

NB protective film can also handle difficult tasks

NB surface protection film offers the typical advantages of self-adhesive PE films on smooth surfaces thanks to adhesion and excellent rub resistance – because the product is only reliably protected when the film sticks reliably and securely to the surface. Our PE protection film is available as an opaque version (thus providing outstanding protection against UV rays) or a highly transparent version. Excellent transparency is important for product presentation where the overall impression of the product must be retained, for example, with furniture.NB protective films not only give your product the best protection but present it perfectly too. 

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