Recycling of Paper Soup Cups

25 May.,2021

​The suppliers of paper soup cups share with you about the recycling of paper cups, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone


The inquire share with you about the recycling of paper cups, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone

Paper Soup Cup

Paper Soup Cup

The real question is, are paper cups better?When comparing the recyclability of Paper Cups and plastic cups, paper cups win by a wide margin. This is because paper is the main component of paper cups, which are naturally biodegradable.

This is an advantage. However, when you look at the manufacturing process of paper cups, it involves a stage called waterproofing, where a layer of LDPE is stacked on the sides and bottom of the cup to prevent water from being absorbed by the paper. This layer of LDPE is the only drawback in paper cups. This is because as a plastic material LDPE prevents the paper from being recycled.

Therefore, paper cups are not recyclable under normal circumstances. It requires a special process to separate the LDPE coating from the paper and the cup scrap is heated in a solution to remove the plastic lining. After that, the waste paper is shredded and recycled, and finally the impurities are filtered out. The final pulp can be used to make other paper products.

If we see today, the paper cup industry is witnessing a significant growth both due to the demand and the ethical production process. The harmless nature of the product, after processing, makes it an ideal and preferably convenient basic product due to its easily degradable quality. Another reason is its ample supply and corresponding high demand, which has a significant impact on production costs.

Currently, paper cups have taken a major share in the beverage industry such as tea, coffee, railroads, cold drinks in hotels, as well as in some household appliances and domestic applications, while replacing glass products.

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