Types of Wire Mesh Fencing: Galvanized, Welded & More

11 Apr.,2023


Whether you're looking to define your property line, create a yard enclosure, or keep critters from entering your garden, wire mesh is an excellent choice for residential fencing.

It's not only strong, reliable, and versatile but it’s also affordable and easy to work with, making it a go-to for a variety of DIY projects. Read on for a breakdown of different types of metal mesh fences and insight into which materials are best for various purposes.

Types of Wire Mesh Fencing

The materials most commonly used for fencing include welded stainless steel mesh, galvanized metal mesh, and chicken wire. 

Welded Wire Fences

Good For: Yard fencing, deck/porch railings, boat dock enclosures

Wire mesh fence panels are formed through a process called resistance welding. This creates a consistently sturdy, rigid product that stands the test of time. When made of stainless steel, you can count on resistance to rust and corrosion in just about any outdoor environment.

You can attach the welded grids to a wooden frame to make a DIY fence for your front yard. This is an affordable, visually pleasing alternative to a chain-link fence. The material can also be used to fasten railings for decks, docks, porches, and more.

Galvanized Wire Mesh Fences

Good For: Yard fencing, railings, landscaping, farm fencing, animal enclosures, pest control

Galvanized mesh features a zinc alloy coating. This makes it incredibly strong, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion. It's available with a plain mill finish or a black polyester coating.

Like the welded variety, this type of wire mesh is ideal for use in fences with wood frames. It can also be used to make various railings, decorative landscaping partitions, pest-control fences for gardens, and livestock enclosures.

Chicken Wire Mesh Fence Rolls

Good For: Garden fencing, pest control, chicken coops/runs

Chicken wire (also known as poultry netting or hex mesh) is woven from relatively thin steel wires. The flexible, malleable qualities make it a top choice for various DIY applications.

It's often used for pest exclusion as well as in vegetable gardens. Hex mesh is also great for catios to keep frisky felines free from danger.

When it comes to our feathered friends, hex mesh does a good job containing flocks. However, you might need something stronger to keep foxes, raccoons, owls, and snakes out of your chicken coop or run. With this in mind, welded or galvanized metal mesh could be a better choice.

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