New wire option that fills the gap between Aluminium and Stainless steel wire

18 Apr.,2023


Nemtek have launched the new XL Range of stranded galvanised electric fencing wire have launched their range of XL Galvanised wire. This wire has 3 times the life span of regular galvanised wire and comes in a 2mm stranded option as well as a 1.6mm stranded option. Where I believe XL wire is the new best wiring for electric fence is that it has the best tributes of aluminium wire and stainless steel wire. Aluminium electric fencing wire is a brilliant conductor but is very soft and easily bends and breaks. Stainless steel wire is much more durable than aluminium wire, never rusts but is a very poor conductor for electric fencing. The new XL Galvanised wire is a very good conductor even more durable than stainless steel and has 3x the life span of regular galvanised wire. The XL Galvanised range of wire is slightly cheaper than stainless steel wire but is the second most expensive range of electric fencing wire on the market. Where you save on costs as opposed to using stainless steel wire is you need less energizers to power larger electric fences. This wire is suited for estate, and commercial fencing where aluminium wire isn’t recommended to be installed lower than 1m as it easily breaks if bumped and where stainless steel wire is a poor conductor and impractical to install on a large fence.

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