Galvanized Wire Mesh: Woven & Welded

29 Sep.,2022


Galvanized is not a metal or alloy; it is a process in which a protective zinc coating is applied to steel to prevent rusting. In the wire mesh industry, however, it is often treated as a separate category because of its wide spread use in all types of applications. Some of the more popular uses and applications of galvanized wire mesh are listed below:

  • Fencing, caging & enclosures
  • Farm, garden & agricultural use
  • Window & safety guards
  • Archeological use
  • Building & construction projects
  • Infill panels
  • High security applications
  • Landscaping & gabions
  • Wall & stone retention
  • Greenhouse use
  • Particle separation
  • General industrial use

Galvanizing can occur either before or after wire mesh is manufactured – both in woven form or welded form. Galvanized before woven wire mesh or galvanized before welded wire mesh indicates the individual wires, themselves, used to manufacture the mesh have been galvanized before the mesh is woven or welded. Depending on the mesh (or opening size) and diameter wire, this is usually the less expensive option, especially if custom manufacturing is required.

Galvanized after woven and galvanized after welded wire mesh is exactly as it sounds. The material is manufactured, normally in carbon or plain steel, and is often placed in a galvanizing tank, thereby producing a galvanized after woven or welded specification. Generally speaking, this option is more expensive, depending on availability and other variables, but does offer a higher level of corrosion resistance. This added level of corrosion resistance is most noticeable at the joint or intersection of galvanized after welded wire mesh specification.

One of the main benefits of a galvanized wire mesh, and particularly of a galvanized welded specification, is that it tends to offer a wide variety of opening sizes and diameter wires. For instance, mesh opening sizes, such as 4” x 4”, 2” x 2”, 1” x 1” and ½” x ½”, tend to be readily available from stock in a handful of popularly requested diameter wires.

Due to its attractive price point and its corrosion resistance, galvanized wire mesh is very popular among industrial users of wire mesh. Usually, galvanized wire mesh is specified in applications where relatively large opening sizes are needed. Keep in mind that galvanizing a relatively fine mesh, after it is woven, is likely to clog the openings rendering it unusable in numerous applications. It is for this reason that, usually, a 10 x 10 mesh and finer will be manufactured as a galvanized before woven item.

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