Gabion stones - stones for gabions, gabion filling

02 Nov.,2022


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Gabion stones - stones for gabions, gabion filling

In garden and landscape design, fences filled with gabion stones (gabion fences) have been known for a long time and are often used for a wide variety of design purposes. But also home and garden owners have discovered the variety of creative possibilities to separate certain areas with gabions. The natural fence filled with gabion stones not only offers a fascinating appearance, but also has many advantages over other fences or hedges. For example, hedges require a lot of maintenance. They grow for many years until they have reached sufficient height as a screen. Wood fences also require extensive maintenance, such as annual painting with wood preservative paints and the like.

Sound insulation is also lower for other fences, such as wooden ones, than for a gabion fence. As a separation of areas, as an alternative to monotonous stone and concrete walls, as a border for rubbish bins, as sound and sight protection, as planted garden sculptures, columns or raised beds, there are hardly any limits to the imagination when using gabions.

What exactly are gabions?

The word 'gabione' is the Italian name for a 'large cage'. The "cages" made of wire and filled with filling stones or "gabion stones" are often referred to as lattice baskets, pouring baskets, masonry stone cages or simply as stone baskets. In public landscaping, gabions are used, for example, as sound and sight protection, for the fastening of paths or for securing and supporting embankments, as bank reinforcement for rivers and streams, in viticulture as retaining walls and the like. Embedded in them are the most varied gabion stones such as "filling stones" made of granite, limestone, marble, dolomite, ornamental gravel, greywacke quarry stone or also glass chunks, mostly called glass quarry stones. Gabions are reminiscent of the oldest form of building with stones, the dry stone wall. The oldest walls with loose natural stones from the Bronze Age are known as pasture boundaries or retaining walls. Already in the Middle Ages gabions were braided from willows and filled with clay, earth, stones and sand.

These gabions also served as bulwark baskets for military purposes. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend towards designing the exterior of a home individually and in a natural way with gabion fillings. The appearance of the natural-looking dry stone walls has always fascinated people. To build a dry wall is a long, difficult and expensive process, gabions which can contain stones for gabions in various shapes, patterns and colours can be built much faster, easier and cheaper. Gardens and front gardens designed with gabion fences or gabion elements are also enjoying ever-growing popularity in this country on the basis of the pasture or wine-growing landscapes with dry-stone walls in the Mediterranean countries. In the domestic garden, the use of gabions is mainly known as gabion wall.

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Stones for Gabions - Overview of stone types

or example, gabion fillings can consist of granite, sand-lime brick, basalt, dolomite, gneiss, ornamental gravel, greywacke and other types of stone. As a particularly creative element, glass chunks embedded in the gabion filling can set fascinating accents. A short description of gabion filling material and the different types of stones for gabions:

Gabion stones granite - granite stones, elegant and noble

The word "granite" comes from the Latin and means as much as "grain". Granites are medium and coarse-grained deep rocks, which as magmatic rocks are rich in coarse crystalline quartzes, dark minerals and feldspars. The gabion filling granite is often used very often because of the versatile colors from light to dark grey with deep black speckles and the high proportion of mica, which is especially beautiful in sunlight to see. More rarely than the grey gabion stones granite is a gabion filling granite with pink to reddish or blue to greenish stones. The bright speckled stones in a gabion filling of granite stand out particularly decoratively from the green of the plants. This granite stone is also often used for the gabion filling of raised beds or plant boxes made of gabions. In any case, gabion stone granite is an excellent choice when it comes to house and garden.

Gabion stones limestone - sand-lime brick in warm colours

Gabions limestones regulate moisture and can store heat. Due to the fine pores, hardly any moisture penetrates into the stones. Due to their high density, they offer very good sound insulation qualities. Gabion walls with lime stone, for example, can be very nicely separated from red bricks of the masonry of a house, terracotta or wooden floors of terraces or the like. The gabion filling material, "gabion limestone", is available with various surface structures, such as smooth, embossed and rough. The warm light beige, yellow to orange-red sand-coloured limestone gabion stones are particularly popular for creating a Mediterranean ambience.

Gabion stones Basalt stone - popular gabion filling material

Basalt is a dark grey to black lava effusion rock, which has the most frequent occurrence in the world. Also in Germany there are many basalt occurrences in the middle mountains. For example, the Vogelsberg in Hessen is the largest contiguous basalt mountain range in the whole of Europe. Basalt consists of a basic mixture of iron, magnesium, pyroxene, feldspar and olivine. Basalt stones can have a smooth to large-pored appearance. As filling stones, gabion stones made of basalt are very suitable for high and longer walls, gabion walls or also gabion fences because the stone is cheap in comparison with other stones. Gabions filled with different coloured gabion stones Basalt can even produce beautiful and interesting patterns. Walls can, for example, be provided with striped or chessboard patterns if gabion stones or basalt stones in different shades of grey are used. Simply inform yourself in our shop about filling material - gabion stones - here you have the largest selection!

Glass chunks, broken glass blocks - Glass stones for gabions

Particularly effective designs for filling gabions can be achieved when glass chunks are used as filling stones for gabions. The gabion filling material made of glass chunks is available in many bright colours and hardly sets any limits to the creative design possibilities. Glass stones for gabions are for example available in the colours amber, light red, dark red, turquoise, crystal, light and dark green, dark cobalt blue, light lagoon blue or ocean blue and other colours.

The clear glass chunks for gabions break the light and achieve a fascinating luminosity. Fences made of gabions with, for example, can be illuminated with LEDs, so that the broken glass stones receive the light in the evening or in the darkness for a particularly atmospheric ambience. Glass stones for gabions also offer the possibility of combining gabion fillings in various patterns for particularly effective effects. As stones for gabions, broken glass stones are the material for the most versatile design possibilities. The glass chunks for gabions can be combined with natural stones. The house number or whole name signatures, for example for companies, can be realised with the illuminated glass chunks for gabions. Glass blocks for gabions also achieve impressive effects when the broken glass blocks are used in illuminated columns or the like.

A large selection of broken glass stones is available in our shop. In containers (Big Bag) we deliver the following units: 30 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg, 750 kg, 1000 kg DDP!

Gabion stones marble - Gabion filling stones from noble marble

Filling gabions with precious marble stones is also possible. The dark red or white marble blocks are particularly popular as filling stones, as these stones have an unmistakable pattern and a particularly valuable appearance. The fence is filled with stones made of white marble gabion stones in combination with dark green bushes or ornamental shrubs, but also with red rose bushes or similar plantings and forms a particularly beautiful and valuable contrast in the design of the garden or front garden. Homeowners who would like to buy marble gabion stones should definitely inform themselves in our gabion shop and order these special stones at the same time!

Gabion stones dolomite - Gabions filled with dolomite

Dolomite is also known as lozenge spar or pearl spar. It is a white to pink mineral that occurs quite frequently. Large dolomite deposits are found in the Italian, Austrian and Swiss Alps, for example. Dolomite deposits can also be found in Germany, for example in the Southern Harz Mountains, Bavaria, Upper and Lower Franconia, Rhineland-Palatinate and other regions. Due to the beautiful white colouring with light marbling in yellowish or pinkish tones, dolomite is very popular as filling stone for gabions. The fence is filled with stones from gabion stones. Dolomite gives the fence a valuable and elegant appearance. But also for columns or plant boxes, gabion fillings made of dolomite are particularly suitable, because the white/light-coloured stones combined with colourful flowers, for example, can set very nice accents as eye-catchers. You can find the stones for gabions made of dolomite in our gabion shop - best order them right away!

Gabion stones ornamental gravel - fine ornamental gravel for gabions

Filling stones for gabions made of coloured ornamental gravel are a special eye-catcher. Ornamental gravel can offer almost the entire colorful splendour that nature has provided in colors for stones. The stones can for example consist of quartz, marble, lime, precious chippings, granite, basalt, Rhine gravel or Danube gravel. The Gabion stones ornamental gravel are available in different stone sizes. Filling gabions with ornamental gravel is possible if the wire baskets are made of a wire mesh corresponding to the size of the stones or if the mesh size is taken into account. Ornamental gravel can be made in individual stone types and colours or in mixtures. The surface structure of ornamental gravel can be very varied, for example from a rough to a glossy polished surface. The prices for ornamental gravel can vary greatly depending on the filling material. Due to the interesting colourings of ornamental gravel, such as beautiful beige to red-brown tones, gabions filled with coloured ornamental gravel can also be used very nicely with alternating wooden elements for fences or borders and the like.

Gabion stones Grauwacke quarry stone - stylish filling material

As stones for gabions, greywacks are very popular natural stones. Grauwacke are sandstones consisting of feldspar and matrix. The gabion stones Grauwacke consist of a fine-grained material in which coarse-grained components can be seen. The grey to grey-green colouring of the gabion stones Grauwacke makes the stone appear very noble and valuable. Gabion stones Grauwacke originate from the oldest age of the world. The deposits of greywacke can be found, for example, in the Harz Mountains, in the Thuringian or Rhenish slate mountains. The name Grauwacke has been used in the miner's language of the Harz mountains since about the 18th century. As stones for filling gabions, Grauwacke is available in the natural stone trade in various sizes and qualities. Find out more in the gabion shop under filling material - stones.

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Stones for gabions are available in a wide range of different stones and sizes. You can buy gabion stones at:
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Fill gabions - this is how quantity and price are calculated

Calculating the gabion filling is very easy - just use our "Filling quantity calculator". The required quantity of gabion bricks is automatically calculated from the number of baskets required, the basket size and the required filling material. The final price can be determined on the basis of the quantity of gabion stones required for gabions and the associated gabion stone prices.

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