Gabion Baskets: Earth Friendly Erosion Solutions & Stunning Landscape Design

02 Nov.,2022


how to make gabion baskets


Gabions Baskets: Function, Flexibility, and Good Looks

Gabion baskets are an earth-friendly solution to erosion and create a visually appealing landscape design. Many people live in areas where gabion baskets are needed but are unfamiliar with them. Contemporary gabion baskets are welded wire mesh panels held together with wire spirals or metal fasteners to make a wire mesh basket. The baskets are placed in the desired location and filled with rocks, stones, shells, wood, or earth--just about anything that weighs them down. This fill anchors the gabions down while allowing rain to seep through. They are completely permeable.

The numerous and varied uses include commercial applications, parks, zoos, and residential landscaping:

Gabions: Commercial Uses 

  • Bridge abutments

  • Retaining walls

  • Land management

  • Seashore protection

  • Gully control

  • Culverts

  • Erosion control

  • They don't require concrete foundations

I've even seen a restaurant using gabion baskets filled with seashells as a decorative wall.      

For Parks and Zoos

  • Benches

  • Pathway definition

  • Climbing structures for children

  • Partition walls

  • Landscaping walls for plantings

And Why Choose Gabions?

  • Durable for many decades

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Strength

  • Environmentally aesthetic

  • Use of on-site materials

  • Varied ways of using gabions

Residential Applications

  • Retaining walls

  • Benches

  • Erosion control

  • Plantings of shrubs, vines, etc.

  • Walls or benches around trees

  • Firepits

  • Partition walls

And They're Attractive

Since residential properties are usually on a smaller scale, you can choose different mesh openings and sizes. Many landscape designers plant greenery inside the baskets for a more earthy appeal. You can use baskets of many different sizes, thus creating interesting serpentine or angular pathways.


Some Important Details

The wire used for gabions is a zinc-coated welded wire. It is hot-dipped galvanized after the welding process which seals and protects the welds against corrosion. They also come in a black vinyl-coated finish. These are ideal for erosion control or to enhance the beauty of your property.

The standard size mesh for commercial use is 11 gauge, 3” x 3” opening size, 36” wide in galvanized or black vinyl coated finish. The baskets are shipped flat but partially assembled for easy installation. They are available in 3’ wide x 3’ high. They come in 3’, 6’, and 12’ lengths.  For residential use, you can use a 12.5 gauge wire with a smaller mesh opening size of 1.5” x 1.5” in either finish. They are also offered in a variety of heights, depending on your specifications.


Fight Erosion with Gabion Baskets

As you are considering your next outdoor project, whether it's a commercial establishment or a residence, gabion baskets are a great solution for stabilizing vast areas of possible erosion due to potential flooding conditions, providing definition to the landscape or just to have a sleek look on residential property.

A Very Brief History of Gabions

Gabions, originating from the Italian name gabbione, which means “big cage”, were used during the reign of the Egyptian Pharaohs and later in Europe during the Middle Ages. The Egyptians made them out of sedges--think bulrushes like Moses’ basket-- and filled them with sludge to stabilize the banks of the Nile River. The Europeans made gabions out of woven sticks and filled them with stones to fortify castles as well as for erosion control of river banks.

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