Gabion Basket Retaining Wall – Our Home Projects

02 Nov.,2022


how to make gabion baskets

Bracing the gabion basket is a step that cannot be skipped as it reduces any gabion bulge.

The lacing wire was cut into approx. 1.5m lengths, then threaded through the same place in each gabion, eg 4 spaces up, 4 spaces from the left, 4 spaces up, 4 spaces from the right etc. I then looped the wire back through the way it came, and twisted the wire around itself in the middle of the basket to prevent it coming loose. A set of pliers was used to grip the middle of the wire and twist it to make it taught.

It’s important to do this both ways, though I have to say I did fewer side to side, it was the front and back ones that were the most important to stop the bulge on the front face.