How to Choose the Right Baling Wire

21 Jul.,2022

Stainless steel wire has numerous applications. Baling wire is a form of stainless steel wire that c


12 gauge baling wire

Stainless steel wire has numerous applications. Baling wire is a form of stainless steel wire that comes in a variety of forms and compositions. Baling wire is designed to accommodate specific machines or purposes, which is why it’s important to understand your options before making a decision. The strength and quality of whatever baling wire you choose determines how efficiently it secures the bale in question. At Wickwire Warehouse Inc., we carry a wide selection of stainless steel wire, including single loop bale ties.

If you are dealing with vertical balers, then single loop bale ties will often do the trick. To use single loop bale ties, simply feed the wire manually and tie it in place. For this application, it’s important to purchase high quality flexible wire because you don’t want it to break off when you’re securing it in place. Wickwire Warehouse Inc. provides single loop bale ties that are ideal for bundles of plastic, clothing, metal, and paper. Our single loop bale ties can even be cut according to your length preference so that there’s little waste.

Black annealed box wire is another form of baling wire that is popular because of its practical application, as well. This wire usually has a thin coat of oil applied to its surface so that it moves seamlessly through whatever baling machine it’s put through. The oil serves as a protective coating and will prevent it from accumulating rust. In addition, it provides it with an overall durability to withstand wear and tear. Black annealed box wire tends to be more expensive than other kinds of stainless steel wire, but it always exceeds customer expectations. Many people choose black annealed box wire when they want a durable wire that can hold up to machine demands.

Galvanized stem wires are usually wrapped around carriers and are used in two-ram balers. This kind of wire is easy to use because you simply feed the materials through the machine. Galvanized stem wires are created from high-tensile wire so they’re resilient and rugged.

At Wickwire Warehouse Inc., we provide a huge selection of stainless steel wire for a multitude of purposes. When you need to find baling wire, stainless steel wire mesh or stainless steel mesh wire products, contact our customer service team and find out how we can help.