Cast Aluminum — Casual Marketplace

28 Nov.,2022


Cast aluminum furniture parts


Touch-up paint to match your frame color is available at Casual Marketplace or from your manufacturer. Place the frame in an open area with plenty of ventilation – preferably outdoors.  Using a very fine grit sand paper (120 grit or more) lightly sand the damaged area until smooth with the rest of the surface. Using a clean rag lightly dipped in rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits, wipe the sanded area clean of dirt and oil. This primes the affected area and provides the maximum bonding surface for the paint to adhere.  Shake spray can for at least one minute.  Holding the spray can 8 – 10 inches away from surface to be touched up, spray the damaged area lightly in an even left toright motion.  This action helps to prevent paint runs.  For best results, make two to three light coats allowing paint to dry in between coats.  Read the information affixed to the spray can for additional information.  Touch up applications should be limited to as small an area as necessary to repair the damage.  Be sure to use the left to right motion when touching up to feather the area into the established finish area.  Wait until paint is very dry before determining if an additional coat is needed.