12/10-ZGH Ultra Wall Sand Suction Pump Sand and Gravel Handling in USA

27 Jul.,2022


Gravel Pumps

Apr. 07, 2021

Project Description:

River sand suction, rough sand, poor working conditions, fast wear speed to the

sand pump, require high thickness of pump parts and strong wear resistance.


Pump selection: 

12x10G-ZGH high head thick wall gravel pump

Capacity is 3000m3/h with pump shell wall thickness 100mm, wet parts material is high chrome alloy wear resistance metal to replace KSB cast steel sand pump in USA.
KSB steel sand pump made by USA market with higher unit price is than Zidong 12/10GH sand pump, working life of worn-out parts is 3months around.
Zidong sand pump can work longer till 6-10months in the same working site to come up double sand production and benefits for user.


Repair the internal condition of accessories after months of operation: