30 Sep.,2022


Plug Gauge

Article 100 - 199

Limit plug gauges  "Go/Not go", hard steel

Three-parted, exchangeable replacement sides, reversible from 24 mm diameter for additional extension of the working life. The knurled steel grips are pierced for air permeation, and the gauges are easy to handle.

From 6,5 mm diameter the grips are always smaller than measuring areas, for deeper drilling. The finishing and delivery is made from large, naturally matured inventory holdings.




Article 200 - 299

Limit snap gauges double-sided, hard-steel "Go/Not go"

"Corrodi" hard steel limit snap gauges are extremely abrasionsproof and chockproof, of very high precision and with very fine measuring surfaces.

1. High impact strengt also with durable treatment.

2.Produced with double precision.

3. Measure guaranteed stable, with long working life, no need for constant again-measurement and readjustment.




Article 300 - 399

Flat limit plugs
Hammer plug gauges
Keyway limit gauges






Article 400 - 499

Reference ring gauges, hard steel calibrated
+/- 0.0005 mm
DIN 2250-C

"Corrodi" reference ring gauges, made from special steel, with guaranteed permanent to size. Finest finishing grinding and lapping up to highest form precision such as cylindricity, roundness and surface quality. Structual dimesions according to DIN 2250-knurled. Admeasured and calibrated up to +/- 0,0005 mm, engraved.




Artikel 500 - 599

Cylindrical test pins,    With and without handle

Steel-, tungsten carbide or ceramical test pins are available in single units or sets and can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and tolerances to suit the customer's induvidual requirements.

Cable measurment samples can be shipped in any combination in marked wooden cases.




Article 600 - 599

Pyramid reference discs for micrometers and slide gauges control

Corrodi pyramid reference discs for checking and control micrometers and sliding gauges,  precision +/- IT 1, set assembled on base.

Placed in production treadjustment next to the tool distribution or in a central spot, reference measurements for self-regulation are possible within a very short time, and therefore offer increased production safety.




Article 700 - 799

Thread plug gauges "Go/Not go"

They are guaranteed permanent to size, abrasionproof, chock-proof, with long working life, genuine alternatives to hard chromed and tungsten carbide thread gauges.

Measuring surfaces reversible from 24 mm diameter. On single pulley -finest grinding- highly  precise in diameter, flanks and radii.




The stock

As leading producer of gauges, we have several 100'000 pieces in stock from the 6th to the 12th tolerance and over different qualities and diameters.