Slurry pumps for Tailings Management

10 Apr.,2021

With the introduction of many environmental regulations today, it is common for most fracturing sand treatment facilities to have some kind of tailings management system.


Slurry pumps for Tailings Management

With the introduction of many environmental regulations today, it is common for most fracturing sand treatment facilities to have some kind of tailings management system. Typical wastewater or tailings from fracturing sand plants can include -70 mesh tailings composed of fine sand, silt sand and clay; water; solids concentration is 3-10% by weight. Hedun slurry pump equipments help fracturing sand manufacturers recover as much process water as possible for reuse, and enables the solid fraction to be easy/safe to handle, store or sell. It also allows producers to reduce or eliminate sedimentation tanks, as well as reduce energy costs associated with pumping materials into sedimentation tanks.

Rubber-lined and abrasion resistant for long lasting service, Hedun How to Operate And Care A Centrifuge Smartly? can be used for most applications where there is abrasive slurry, including the most severe. These Slurry Pumps have long wear life, require little maintenance and can be used as part of a complete system or as a stand-alone piece of equipment.

Slurry Pumps

Hedun’s wide range of slurry Pumps were developed from more than 50 years of Pump experience featuring head and efficiency improvements from previous models. This range of horizontal spindle, abrasion/corrosion resistant centrifugal Slurry Pumps is designed for construction sands, frac sand, glass sand, silica sand, mineral sands, water treatment facilities and more.

Why choose our Slurry Pumps?

Hedun slurry pumps are characterized by its split casing design, which facilitates access to the liner, impeller and gland for maintenance. Most mud pumps are equipped with an assembly auxiliary arm to support the suction casing during impeller replacement and gland maintenance. This feature allows technicians to throw the casing off the pump without dropping components to the ground or using a crane.

Hedun slurry pumps have a wet end liner that can be replaced on site for easy maintenance. These gaskets are self-sealing to provide a reliable seal. Several rubber compounds can be used for different purposes: the blend of natural rubber has high wear resistance, and nitrite and neoprene have different chemical properties.

Hedun slurry pumps also provide two impeller designs: closed blades and open blades. The closed blade impeller is molded from high-quality rubber on a steel frame. It is designed to maintain efficiency for a longer period of time than open blades, and does not require additional maintenance to adjust the clearance of the suction bushing interface. A typical open impeller allows a significant bypass when worn, and the efficiency is significantly reduced.

The open impeller pump is not a built-in impeller pump. They are standard pump head and vortex design impellers that push fluid through and out of the casing. Open blades are the choice of solid and fibrous materials with minimal risk of clogging, such as separating fertilizer and layered sand in agricultural applications.

The bearing assembly of the Hedun slurry pump is very simple, but still durable. Unlike other manufacturers, the bearing shell restructuring process does not require preload settings, given wet end, heavy-duty roller bearings and drive ends, double-row, self-aligning, spherical roller bearings. Install the components in the enclosure according to the installation, operation and maintenance manual, lubricate as instructed, and you are ready to use. The bearing assembly rebuilt in the factory can be used for the most urgent maintenance.

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