Advantages and Applications of SWIR Short Wave Infrared Camera

20 Sep.,2022


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Zillion will take you on a quick journey into swir camera applications and advantages.

Ⅰ. Advantages of SWIR short wave infrared camera

1. High sensitivity can be achieved under both room temperature and cooling environments.

2. High sensitivity, high resolution, high integration and low power consumption.

3. The short-wave infrared camera can work and image under the night sky glow. The night sky glow is 5-7 times the illuminance of the starlight, and it is located in the short-wave infrared band, so even when there is no moonlight, the short-wave infrared camera can observe very clear target.

4. Short-wave infrared camera can be imaged day and night, and it can truly achieve 24-hour imaging all-weather.

5. Short wave infrared camera can observe targets through fog, smoke and haze, and even image through windows.

6. High response spectrum above 1μm.

7. Short wave infrared camera can realize hidden active lighting.

8. It can see hidden lasers and beacons.

Ⅱ. The applications of SWIR short wave infrared camera 

1. Short wave infrared light accounts for about 40%-50% of solar energy, which can be used for solar panel detection.

2. Transmission in silica fiber has the characteristics of low loss and low dispersion. Short-wave infrared cameras can be used for optical communications and remote detection of optical fibers at a good swir camera price.

3. Water has a strong absorption peak in the short-wave infrared spectrum, which can be used for process gas moisture monitoring, food drying monitoring, agricultural product screening, crop growth monitoring, paper drying monitoring, pharmaceutical process drying monitoring, skin moisturizing detection, aircraft safety inspection (deicing).

4. The wavelength of a short-wave infrared camera that best analyzes the epidermis of human tissues can be used for co-dimming tomography (OCT), early tooth inspection, skin beauty and so on.

5. The human eye safety band can be used for laser ranging, night coastal defense surveillance, secret surveillance, etc.

6. It can penetrate ink, but cannot penetrate carbon traces. It can be used for oil painting identification analysis, banknote identification, accident identification and so on.

7. The metal surface has high reflectivity, and short-wave infrared can be used for telemetry analysis, etc.

8. Compared with thermal images (medium and long-wave infrared), it can identify contours better and can be used for night coastal defense surveillance and secret surveillance.

9. The 1200nm wavelength or above can see through silicon wafers, which can be used for wafer defect inspection, solder ball array bonding inspection, MEMS packaging, wafer-level packaging inspection, wafer-level optical interconnection, optical communication and so on.

Filters below 1200nm wavelength, that is, it is invisible to CCD or CMOS Sensor. Short-wave infrared can be used for night coastal defense surveillance, secret surveillance and tracking, advanced anti-theft security and so on.

10. Covers molecular component analysis such as CH, NH, CO and OH, which can be used for food, feed component analysis, pharmaceutical component analysis, blood analysis (sugar, oxygen content, pH, etc.), gas detection, industrial pollution detection, process reaction monitoring, pulp composition monitoring, telemetry analysis (air, surface), bowling lane inspection, recycled plastic classification, oil painting forensic analysis, criminal field evidence, drilling oil monitoring, petrochemical products (oil) analysis, jewelry forensic, identification of banknotes, mastitis inspection of cattle, heat treatment of sludge and so on.

11. The general application of short-wave infrared china ir sensor rate cameras does not need to cool down to 77K, such as mid- and far-infrared. It can be used for light night vision goggles, light satellite payloads and so on.

12. When used for detection and analysis, it is a non-destructive detection and can be used for online component/moisture real-time monitoring, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and so on.

When used for detection and analysis, it can be remote detection, which can be used for toxic substance and gas detection, endoscope, oil well composition analysis, night monitoring, factory emission monitoring, communication spectrum monitoring, land surface analysis and so on.

When used for detection and analysis, no waste is generated. Short-wave infrared cameras can be used for zero-pollution detection, zero-infection detection and so on.

13. It can monitor heat sources above 150℃ and can be used for glass processing, steel smelting, sludge heat treatment and so on.

Now you may have a clear understanding of swir application.