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17 Nov.,2022


Common Woven Wire Cloth Materials

Stainless steel wire mesh, specifically Type 304 stainless steel, is the most popular material for producing woven wire cloth. Also known as 18-8 because of its 18 percent chromium and eight percent nickel components, 304 is a basic stainless alloy that offers a combination of strength, corrosion resistance and affordability. Type 304 stainless steel is normally the best option when manufacturing grilles, vents or filters used for the general screening of liquids, powders, abrasives and solids.

Woven wire mesh products, also known as woven wire cloth, are woven on looms, a process that is similar to the one used to weave clothing. The mesh can consist of various crimping patterns for the interlocking segments. This interlocking method, which entails the precise arrangement of the wires over and under one another prior to crimping them into place, creates a product that’s strong and reliable. The high-precision manufacturing process makes woven wire cloth more labor-intensive to produce therefore it is typically more expensive than welded wire mesh.

Woven Wire Mesh Crimp and Weave Styles

Wire openings and sizes range broadly. Marco Specialty Steel offers many different weave patterns and pre-crimp styles. Below are examples of crimp and weave styles that are available. See our Crimp and Weave Styles page for more detailed information.

Woven Wire Cloth Crimp Styles



  • Lock crimp: Lock crimp is comprised of pre-crimped wire featuring the formation of knuckles or bumps over intersecting sets of wires. This locks the mesh in place to create an extremely rigid product.
  • Double crimp: Double crimp wire mesh cloth exhibits a pattern of warp wires passing over and underfill wires.
  • Intercrimp: Commonly used for screens and architectural applications, intercrimp woven wire mesh provides superior strength and stability, while offering a rigid mesh solution.
  • Flat top: As the name implies, the flat top crimp style features a smooth top plane that facilitates the flow of materials.

Woven Wire Weave Styles






  • Plain/Double: This standard woven wire cloth weave type produces square openings where the warp wire alternately passes over and under the fill wire at right angles.
  • Twill Square: Typically used for applications that require managing heavier loads and finer filtration, twill square woven wire mesh exhibits a distinctive parallel diagonal pattern.
  • Twill Dutch: Twill Dutch is known for its superior strength, which is achieved by packing a high volume of wire in targeted areas of the weave. This woven wire cloth style can also filter particles as small as two microns.
  • Reverse Plain Dutch: This woven wire weave style features a large warp wire and smaller shute wire count that the Plain or Twill Dutch styles.
  • Plain Dutch: The Plain Dutch style features diagonally slanted openings that are difficult to see, but produces a strong, compact wire mesh that works well for filtering cloth applications.
  • See our Crimp and Weave Styles page for more detailed information.

Custom Woven Wire Cloth Solutions Are Available

If you can’t find the right woven wire mesh product in our extensive stock inventory, just let us know. What makes us one of the best woven wire mesh suppliers in Texas and beyond is our willingness to work with our customers to provide the perfect product for their needs. Our 35,000-square-foot facility includes a fabrication shop fully-equipped with expert fabricators who have the necessary tools to transform any of our in-stock products into a custom-tailored creations that solve a unique problem quickly, efficiently and affordably.

We can work with your drawings or blueprints to create custom wire products for any application.

Marco Specialty Steel has all the equipment necessary to deliver the woven wire cloth product you need. From our knowledgeable sales staff to our expert fabricators, Marco is here to help.

How to Choose the Right Product for Your Needs

As one of the leading woven wire cloth suppliers in Texas and beyond, you can trust Marco Specialty Steel for helpful advice in selecting the best product for your applications.

We’ll assist you in evaluating all the factors that go into the decision-making process. These include determining the ideal mesh size (diameter of the openings in the mesh), mesh count (the number of wires found within each linear inch) and weave type (this will affect the filtering capabilities of the mesh). You’ll be able to move forward on your projects with total confidence.

Common Applications

The remarkable strength and versatility of woven wire mesh products make them an excellent choice for numerous applications, including:

  • Sifting and sizing
  • Architectural applications when aesthetics are important
  • Infill panels that can be used for pedestrian partitions
  • Filtration and separation
  • Glare control
  • RFI and EMI shielding
  • Ventilation fan screens
  • Handrails and safety guards
  • Pest control and livestock cages
  • Process screens and centrifuge screens
  • Air and water filters
  • Dewatering, solids/liquid control
  • Waste treatment
  • Filters and strainers for air, oil, fuel and hydraulic systems
  • Fuel cells and mud screens
  • Separator screens and cathode screens
  • Catalyst support grids made from bar grating with wire mesh overlay


Woven Wire Mesh Table

Marco Specialty Steel, Inc. Can Meet Your Woven Wire Cloth Needs

As one of the world’s leading wire mesh suppliers, Marco Specialty Steel, Inc. is your headquarters for a wide range of high-quality steel mesh products. We can also provide custom woven wire cloth solutions for your specific applications. With more than a quarter-century of woven wire mesh expertise and a large inventory of stock products, you can count on us for the best solution for your company.

We’re also known as a customer-focused metal/steel company that is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve total customer satisfaction. Fast turnaround times are our specialty – we understand the importance of keeping your projects on schedule, and we make every effort to deliver our products as quickly and efficiently as possible.