The Different Types of Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Available

07 Nov.,2022


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Thanks to advances in technology, industrial floor cleaning machines have become safer and more efficient to use, causing fewer risks and hazards. They are user-friendly and can clean your facility within minutes with minimal effort.

When it comes to choosing a type of industrial floor scrubber for your workspace, you have two major options to choose from:

Ride-on Scrubbers

Ride-on scrubbers are generally built for bigger and tougher cleaning tasks. They look like mini-cars that drivers can ride and control, allowing them to cover large areas of floor within minutes.

The equipment has brushes for cleaning, tanks for soap and water, and a vacuum system for sucking in dusty air. These machines usually require batteries or fuel to be operated. The driving function makes it easier to maneuver, allowing the operator a clearer view of the zones to be cleaned.

Walk Behind Scrubbers

The other option for industrial type scrubbers is walk-behind scrubbers. The operator simply drives the scrubber by pushing it to the places he or she wants to clean, much like a large vacuum cleaner. They come in a variety of sizes and types and are usually meant to clean smaller spaces.

Some models may also require fuel or electricity to operate. Compared to ride-on scrubbers, these machines are more compact and can reach into tight nooks and crannies in your office space. At the same time, they also consume less energy to operate, and may be stowed away in a closet after use.

Industrial floor cleaning machines make the job of tidying up easier by providing a one-stop-shop for all your cleaning requirements such as buffing, scrubbing, sweeping, and polishing all in just one piece of equipment. These machines should be considered as a smart one-time investment.

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